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Collection/accumulation 1913-50s inc Kangaroos (230). Fair-GU with extras. Noted 1st wmk 2/- (2) & 1/- inv wmk U (rounded cnr, cat $500), 2nd wmk to 1/-, 3rd wmk to 2/- (both) with many extras, shades, 2d grey inv wmk, SM/CofA to 2/-. Few KGV Heads M/MLH, 1930s on Commems MLH.MUH inc 1931 6d Airmail imprint strip of 3 MUH, 1934 Vic Cent 1/- M (5) & blk of 4 toned MUH. 1935 2/- Jubilee plate No 1 blk of 4 MUH, plus later post-war issues. Mixed condition some toning but a fair percentage F-VF, retail $4000+. (455+) (P)AVAILABLE at A$500

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1929 Local covers (sl staining) franked 1928 Charity 5pf, 15pf, 25pf & 50pf IMPERF large format 'proofs' (28x32mm) which are actually cutouts with simulated perfs from PO new issue announcement leaflets that have been accepted for postage! Tied by 'Hamburg 11 2 29' cds. SG 446, 448-50 cat £258, Mi 425, 427-9 cat €195 -both as normal stamps. Amazing usage. (P)AVAILABLE at A$200

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1897 QV Jubilee set 20c-$5, h/s SPECIMEN. 20c with no serif h/s & the rest with serifs. VF fresh M. SG 133-40s cat £2500 (normals cat £6180), Unitrade 59-65s cat C$4480 (normals cat C$10,100). Rare set. (7) (P)AVAILABLE at A$2000