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Covers: Mostly Pacific Islands FDC with PNG (900) inc 1940 Port Moresby-Cairns Censor, 1959 Samarai to Sydney franked 1952 3½d black pr & good variety FDC 1968 Shells to 1984 Bird 5K inc 1973 Panorama ( 4 sets), 1962 Malaria assorted Pic/Commem pmks, plus plastic bag with around 50 PO packs inc a variety of popular Annual types. Then another 1100 covers/FDC mostly 1970s-80s era inc New Zealand 1967 Pics to $2 Geyser FDC, New Hebrides, Norfolk Is & Vanuatu, plus Foreign inc Germany 1980s Ersttagblatt Cards (60 inc Charity sets), Czechoslovakia 1960s Commems, USA single Pics & Commems FDC & various scattered throughout. Large carton, total weight 14kg. Approx 2000 covers. (2000)SOLD at A$180

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1927 Strasbourg Exhibition 5Fr+10Fr Sower se-tenant strip with central tab, being the heart of the M/S. Superb U 'Strsburg 16X 11-6 27 Exposition Phil Intern' cds in RED. SG MS 454b cat £1600, Maury 242A cat €800, Yv 242D cat €900 as strip, plus premium for very rare red cds. (P)SOLD at A$350