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Italian Colonies: Mint collection 1903-60. Eritrea 1903 Postage Due 5c & 10c, 1905 Postage Due set 50L & 100L (SG cat £1300+), 1926 King 1L25, 1934 Airmail Pic set to 2L, 1936 Pic to 5L. Somalia 1906-08 Postage Due to 30c. 1916 Red Cross 10c-20c, 1934 Manzoni to 50c, 1923 Propagation of Faith set, 1934 Exhib Postage set, 1930 Virgin to 1L25. 1934 Rome-Mogadishu to 2L, 1950 Parcel Post to 3s in prs. Libya 1928 Airmail set 50c & 80c. Tripolitania 1924 Manzoni 10c-1L, 1929 3rd Fair to 2L55. Cyrenaica 1923 Propagation of the Faith set, 1930 25th Anniv set, 1924 Manzoni 10c-50c. 1923 Fascist March to 1L, 1927 1st National Defence set, 1934 Exhib set plus Airmail set. 1950 Camel Warrior set to 500m (£180). General Colonies 1932 Dante to 1L25. East Africa 1938 Pictorial to 1L25. 1938 Air to 3L. Dodecanese Islands inc Karki 1912-21 King opt to 50c, Caso 1912 opt to 50c, Leros 1912 opt to 40c, Lipso 1912 opt to 40c, Patmos 1912 opt to 50c, Piscopi 1912 opt to 50c. Egeo 1932 Dante Air 100L, POs abroad inc Scutari, Salonica, Jerusalem, Tripoli, Bengasi & Valona. All diff. F-VF M/MUH. SG cat £5900+, Sass cat €6600+ = A$10,000). Interesting collecting area. (605) (P)AVAILABLE at A$1000