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Deceased Estate Two, Part 7: Germany 1800s-1950s accumulation (100s) in 3 Vols inc WWII Allied Occupations red s/book with New Guinea (60) inc 1932 Birds (7) to 2/- opt OS F/VF U (cat £220) & 5d green, 2/- claret opt Airmail (£55) & undated Birds off to 2/-, Papua (100) inc 1932 Pic set M to 1/3 (cat £90) & total cat over £400. GB 1864-79 1d red Plate No collection (105 diff) Nos 83-210. British Commonwealth accumulation (2300) in blue 24pg s/book with NZ (700), Newfoundland (70), 1880s-1930s, Canada (1000), 1880a-early 2000s & British Commonwealth (550) inc North Borneo/Labuan 1890s Pics, Caribbean Islands, east Africa, GB & PNG, plus 100 hagners in 4 albums with NZ 1960-70s Pics (600) mixed MUH/G-FU, British Africa Pics (1000) mostly 1940s-70s era inc Botswana, Kenya to 20/-, Malawi to 10/-, Nyasaland to £1, Rhodesia, South Africa, Transkei, Uganda, Zambia & Zimbabwe. British Pacific Islands (650) inc Samoa MUH Commems & M/sheets, New Hebrides Pics, Fiji KGVI era onwards, plus Aust Country NSW Soft drink Labels (8 diff, retail $2 ea, 50 in total $100). World Pics/thematics (400) inc Flowers, Mongolian Children, Butterflies & Famous People, plus USA collection in 2 big s/books. Large carton. (1000s)SOLD at A$400

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1966 Christmas 4c marginal, error IMPERF at left between stamp & margin. VF fresh MUH. SG 407(var), ACSC 471b cat $10,000. Great rarity as only 2 recorded! (P)AVAILABLE at A$3500

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Germany: 1931 Polar Flight cover franked Polar Flight Zeppelin 4RM, tied by 'Friedrichshafen 24 7 31' cds, with red flight cachet & 'Brise-Glace Malyguin Arctique 27 VIII 31' anchor cds. To Berlin. Mi 458 cat €1100 on cover. SG 471 cat £1200 as loose stamp. (P)SOLD at A$300

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1943 Provisional Government 'Badoglio' rose-carmine signature opt Victor Emmanual 50c violet, prepared but unissued. Superb fresh MUH. Opt prepared in Naples on the orders of Marshal Pietro Badoglio's administration. But was never issued as King Victor Emmanual III vehemently objected to his portrait being defaced in such a way, & almost all the stock was then officially destroyed. Sass footnote after 515I, CEI 471 cat €10,000 = A$15,000. Major Italian rarity. Copy of 1993 Raybaudi cert for blk it came from, plus 2019 Ceremuga photo cert. (P)AVAILABLE at A$1300