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Australia collection (450) to 1971 Christmas 7c blk of 7 inc 1940 AIF set MUH & VFU, 1949 Arms to £1 M & to £2 U. 1964 Navigators £1 (2), 1950s-60s High val commems & assorted Dec 1960s commem/pic sets. Norfolk Is 1947-70 collection (170), appears comp inc 1947 Ball Bay to 2/- M, plus White paper set to 2d CTO. 1953 Defs to 5/- Brown Bridge, 1960 Pic set plus extra 10/- opt SPECIMEN (4, retail $150), 1967 Ships & 1969 Birds sets, mixed M/MUH, total retail $400. Nauru 1980s MUH accumulation (FV $165) in 30 hagners, plus mixed AAT. Lighthouse s/book with 'Stamps on Stamps' thematic accumulation (280). Finally 1945-46 WWII Allied Victory collection on loose leaves, British Commonwealth appears comp (cat £60), plus selected European sets, F-VF M. (many 100s)SOLD at A$250

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Postmark Handbook The Barred Numerals of Victoria (1856-1906) illustrated with rarity ratings by Hugh Freeman, 2nd Edition pub 2018. 484 pgs with all known cancels illustrated in full colour & rarity ratings from 'C' to RRRRR for the extremely rare (1-3) known examples inc listings of the diff Duplex cancels, again with rarity ratings up to RRRRR for comp examples. New, the definitive work on this subject & absolutely essential reference work.SOLD at A$150

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1940-41 surch 'Peace' 1F/1F40 mauve, error horiz pr, right stamp opt OMITTED, resulting in setenant stamps of diff denominations. Superb fresh MUH. SG 680(var), Yv 484(var), Maury 484f cat €2150. Very rare & spectacular. 1999 vd Weid SBPV photo-cert (P)AVAILABLE at A$700