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German Occupation - Croatia: 1941-45 NDH Specialised collection MUH almost comp inc 1941 1st & 2nd opt sets on Yugoslavia, 1941 Castles opt, 1941-42 Views tete-beche prs, 1942 Model Plane Expo perf & imperf M/Sheets (the imperf with engravers secret mark), plus setenant stamps from the S/S, 1942 Ustashe M/S perf & imperf, 1943 Pavelic M/S perf & imperf, & later commem sets & M/S with some special items such as extras of 1943 Zagreb stamp & M/S showing engravers secret mark, plus an early reprint of the very rare 1945 Storm Troopers M/S (would cat £2000+), Officials, Postage Dues, Military Post inc unissued 'Feldpost' opt etc. Plus large section of blks of 4 of various issues, inc some proofs. Then fantastic section of special S/Sheetlets inc 1942 Aviation Fund 2 sets of the diff S/S, 1st set S/S of 25 ea - 1 in ea with engraver's special marks in cnrs, 1st set S/S of 24+1tab - also 1 in ea with engraver's special marks in cnrs, 1942 Ustashe set S/S of 16+9 tabs, 1944 Postal Workers set S/S of 9, 1944 Labour Front S/S of 9, 1948 Red Cross set S/S of 20, 1945 Postal Workers S/S of 8 etc. Mostly VF fresh MUH. SG STC £5000++ for M so should be double, £10,000++ MUH. Beautiful & valuable collection. (570, 14M/S, 30S/S).SOLD at A$1500