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Covers - Great Britain 1934-40 airmail to Australia by interrupted or delayed Imperial Airways mails (flight allocation details lightly pencilled on reverse), spanning flights IE140-655 & SE4-246, inc incidents such as engine & other mechanical troubles, undercarriage damage (IE327), cracked oil tank (IE365), burst tyre on landing (IE437), crew problems (inc cholera injections episode which delayed SE237), adverse weather, the "near miss" IE552, where “Hengist” was destroyed by fire at Karachi after mail had been transferred to “Atlanta”, ”Caledonia” collision with buoy at Athens (IE655), 4 dates between 24-31 Jan 1940 which were among the backlog accumulated as Poole Harbour was ice bound, preventing flights between 20 Jan-2 Feb, o/w no duplication. Some scarcer & higher frankings, inc Seahorses 5/- (3), KGVI 2/6 brown single frankings etc. Flight allocations generally confirmed by b/s & departure dates. Mixed poor-VF condition. Irreplaceable lot, nucleus for an 8-frame exhibit. (105).SOLD at A$800