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Covers: Nice range inc 1892 foolscap document in French headed “Bureau International de l'Union Postale Universelle Berne” to Victoria Postal Administration. Refers to conveying various articles by post, inc liquids (specifies body fats!). Apparently from Uruguay, with 2 diff Montevideo cachets -unusual. 1973 inward use of Afghanistan 8Afs/14Afs Aerogramme, "Postes Afghanes 7-4 1973 Herat" cds. 1936-45 inward air covers from Ceylon (11) by Imperial Airways regular & "horseshoe" routes, some attractive frankings, scarce 20c "all-up” (3, one underpaid at 18c), censored & perfin. 1939 censored airmail cover (edge flts) Denmark to India, carried on Imperial Airways SE194, the “Coriolanus” leg of which experienced engine trouble at Athens, necessitating transfer of mail to “Cordelia”, confirmed by Bombay arrival b/s (23 Nov). Ethiopia to Australia (4) inc 1932 Registered franked 2g & 8g, 1933 franked 5 diff, & 1953 reg from Asmara Eritrea with Italian type cds. (Federation of Ethiopia & Eritrea formalized 1952). 1938 inward air cover from Lithuania per Imperial Airways flight 638, delayed one day en route at allahabad (Pakistan), b/s Berlin & Melbourne. 1952 inward use of US Army formular aerogramme from Djibouti with 6Fr & 50Fr tied by "Djibouti 28 6 52" cds. Finally 1952 inward reg air & 1958 from Saudi Arabia to diff ham radio stations in Australia, both with imprint of "HRH Prince Talal al Saud" with "Ryad" cds, 1st with "Aerodrome du Caire" transit b/s. Interesting & scarce items throughout. (document & 21 covers).SOLD at A$300