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Kiloware: Another 4 Carton mix from May MacKillop Mission. Appears good percentage 1990s-2017? 45c-$1 Pics/Commems plus 1980s latter rate vals & assorted oddments inc scattered Foreign. Mostly on close-clip single paper. Weight 16kg.SOLD at A$450

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Stamp Duty: 1888 Mt Morgan Gold Mining Co share purchase & transfer documents franked large QV Chalon £1 green thick paper (40) inc variety 're-entry' at LR (6th stamp in 1st row), with m/s lines cancel. Sl tones, folds etc. SG 161/161a cat £3515 for FU. Impressive large £40 franking. (P)AVAILABLE at A$600

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1943 Provisional Government 'Badoglio' rose-carmine signature opt Victor Emmanual 50c violet, prepared but unissued. Superb fresh MUH. opt prepared in Naples on the orders of Marshal Pietro Badoglio's administration. But never issued as King Victor Emmanual III vehemently objected to his portrait being defaced in such a way, & almost all the stock was then officially destroyed. Sass footnote after 515I, CEI 471 cat €10,000 = A$15,000. Major Italian rarity. Copy of 1993 Raybaudi cert for blk it came from, plus 2011 Ceremuga photo cert. (P)AVAILABLE at A$1200

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1945 Cetinje issue opt on Montenegro Italian Occup set 1pa/10c-20pa/5L, plus Postage Dues 10pa/5c & 20pa/5L. VF fresh MUH. SG R50-RD62 cat £515 for M, should be at least double, £1030 MUH, Mi 1-11 & P1-2 cat €760. Rare issue as only 1000 sets printed. Exp Eragovic with cert. (13) (P)SOLD at A$375