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British Commonwealth & Foreign sets, singles, M/Sheets on 200 s/cards inc AAT, Christmas Is, Cocos 1970s Pic sets MUH, strength in West Indies inc Bahamas 1938 KGVI 1/- M/MLH (3), Barbados 1988 Tercent set to $2, Cayman 1990 $2, Dominica KGV/KGVI range plus many good M/Sheets. Also other British Commonwealth inc Ceylon 1938 Pics to 1R. World array inc Netherlands Indies 1948-49 Indonesia opts 2½G, 10G & 25G VFM (SG 538-40 cat £485), plus assorted thematics inc Soccer 1982 World Cup M/Sheets. Messy shoebox, total SG cat over £1200. (100s)AVAILABLE at A$220
1970 Cook M/sheets: Original, then fake ANPEX opt No 29682, fake ANPEX opt with dark brown & green obliterating opt, & 1977 QEII Jubilee opt, the last with a red ink shadow at right. Barred opt, sl tones o/w VF MUH. SG MS465/(var), ACSC 528/(var). (4)AVAILABLE at A$80

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1970 Cook M/Sheet original, plus private perf, Anpex opt, 1970 Tullamarine opt, & 1977 QEII Jubilee opt. VF MUH. SG MS465/(var). ACSC 528/(var).AVAILABLE at A$75

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1970 Cook M/Sheet original, then with fake Anpex opt No.2473, fake Anpex opt with dark brown & green obliterating opt done after court case, & 1977 QEII Jubilee opt -the last with red ink 'shadow' at right. VF MUH. SG MS465/(var). ACSC 528/(var). (4)AVAILABLE at A$100

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1923 San Martin set ½c-20P, perf 13½ x 12½, high values, perf 13½, all opt 'MUESTRA' (specimen). F-VF M/MLH. SG 1513A-1528(s) cat £310 for normals. Rare set. (16) (P)AVAILABLE at A$100