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Germany: Collection of mostly Post-war Locals & Zones issues in 5 binders M/MLH&G/FU. Inc Allied Military Post 1945-46 80pf perf 11½x11 3 CTO, 80pf perf 11½ CTO, 1946 Numerals M/S perf MLH & CTO, 1946 Currency Reform opts selection MUH & FU, 1947 Defs inc 3Mk Dove (7), 5Mk Dove G/FU, 1949 Hanover M/S 2 M/MLH & 2 sets M/MLH, 6 sets G/FU. French Zone inc Baden 1946 90pf View w/o 'pf', 1949 Rebuilding Fund M/S perf & imperf MLH, Rheinland 1949 Red Cross M/S imperf MLH, Baden 1949 30pf Engineer's Congress 2nd print MUH with Ceremuga cert, Wurttemberg 1949 red Cross M/S UN, Soviet Zone inc Mecklenburg 1949 Victims of Fascism set FU, East Saxony 1946 Theatre M/S imperf & perf, West Saxony 1946 Leipzig Fair M/S MLH, 1948 Portraits to 84pf G/FU with extras, 1948 opts set MUH (60pf MLH), 80pf MUH with variety 'additional opt on reverse', 1949 Goethe M/S MLH. Also inc 1949 Africa Corp label UN, Post-war Locals inc Finsterwalde, Schwarzenberg inc Hitler head opts, Storkow & others. Small percentage mixed condition, possible 'per favour' cancels. Mostly F-VF. SG cat £6750+ = A$12,500. (1700 & 13 M/S)SOLD at A$650