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German States - Schleswig Holstein: 1864-67 Collection. 1864 Numeral 1¼s both small & large lettering. 1864 Numeral 1¼s, rouletted. issues for Schleswig-Holstein 1865 Numeral Oval to 4s. Issues for Schleswig. 1864-65 Oval Numeral to 4s. Issues for Holstein. 1865 Oval Numerals to 4s & 1865 1½s & 2s. All diff. Mostly G-VF M/UN/U, some mixed condition. SG cat £2650+ = A$4750+. (24).AVAILABLE at A$300

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Tonga: 1890s small selection of Used classics inc 1891 8d/2d & stars opts 2d, 1892 6d, 1893 5d/4d & 7½d/8d red opts, 1894 2½d on 1/-, 1895 surch blue set, ½d on 2½d & 1d on 2½d, plus 1d olive-green. Mostly F-VFU. SG cat £545. (13).SOLD at A$220

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1970 United Nations 6c blk of 4 on PO Official Publicity Card. F-VF. SG 476, ACSC 545x cat $150.AVAILABLE at A$100

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1973-74 Marine Life & Gemstones 1c-10c set (10c is blk of 4, no 9c/8c) on 3 PO Official Publicity Cards. SG 545-52a, ACSC 640x, 645x & 648x(var) cat $550+. 10c is unlisted format. (3).SOLD at A$350

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Missing Colours & Errors group with 1973-74 Shrimp 1c strip 'yellow omitted on one, adjoining unit partly, other two normal', Agate 7c 'black omitted', Sapphire 10c & 1975 Lyons 10c both 'printed on gum side', 1975 Flower 18c 'black omitted', 1978 Grebe 20c 'yellow omitted' & 1982 Whale 60c 'solid greenish-blue background'. All VF fresh MUH. SG 545b, 550a, 552ae, 591a, 673a & 841a, ACSC 635cc, 642a, 648ci, 725a, 805cb & 930(E)I cat $6410 (10). (P)AVAILABLE at A$1200

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1902-04 QV Thin Postage 3d olive-green, lower marginal vert pair, error value & inscription so greatly shifted that words are transposed resulting in lower stamp error 'POSTAGE' OMITTED, & 'THREE PENCE' below 'AUSTRALIA', upper stamp 'THREE PENCE' below 'AUSTRALIA' & 'POSTAGE' at base, wmk crown narrow SA, perf 12. Superb fresh MUH, pristine never hinged original gum. ACSC S19c/ca. Bottom stamp is SG 280a & upper stamp is SG 280a(var) footnote, cat £5450 as M singles, should be at least double, £10,900+ MUH, plus premium for positional multiple. Only 1 sheet existed (so only 10 of SG 280a !) & spectacular error multiple. Certificate can be obtained on request. (2) (P)AVAILABLE at A$8000

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Circular Delivery Companies: Collection 1865-68. Almost comp for all towns inc Aberdeen 1867 ½d in both brown & blue (SG cat £170). Clark & Co 1866 (¼d) both sizes. Dundee 1867 ¼d & ½d (£300). Good coverage of Edinburgh & Leith inc Arms 'Parcel' stamp set (¼d), (2) & (3d) (£545). Glasgow set imperf, & perf Liverpool set. London imperf & perf, plus error strip of 3 IMPERF horiz. Metropolitan ¼d (2 colours) & ½d. London & Districts imperf & perf set of 2. National set of 4. Also Delivery Company 1868 with cnr letters covering all towns ¼d-1d. National 15 Basinghall St set. Useful coverage of blks of 4 in Edinburgh & Leith, Liverpool, Glasgow, Metropolitan, National, plus Glasgow ¼d blk of 9. Then useful reference ranges of forgeries perf & imperf inc setenant strips & blks. All diff inc blks. Mostly F-VF M/MUH, few flts. SG cat £5700+ = A$10,500+, forgeries not counted. Comprehensive coverage of these classic issues. (490) (P)AVAILABLE at A$1500