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British Honduras: 1865-1901 QV collection. 1865 6d & 1/- no wmk. 1872-79 3d, 4d, 6d & 1/- wmk crown CC. 1882-87 1d blue, 1d red, 4d & 1/- wmk crown CA. 1888 sm numeral surch 3c/3d & 10c/6d. 1888 TWO on 50c on 1/-. 1888-91 Large numeral surch to 50c. 1891-1901 Tablet to $1. All diff. Most G-VF U. SG cat £1300+. (27) (P)AVAILABLE at A$350

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1d Red/Violet/Green pane 6 collection neatly written up on leaves with 1d green SM wmk perf 14 UR cnr blk of 24 (6x4) with dot before 1 variety corrected (pos 21) & thinned left frame error (pos 22). VF MLH/MUH. ACSC 80(3) l, ma, n, nb cat $600. SM wmk perf 13½x12½ upper half pane of 30 with above varieties plus 'notch LL cnr' (pos 30) ACSC 81(3), l, ma, n, nb, op cat $550. No wmk 1d blk of 12 (6x2) with 'colour spot LR cnr' (pos 2), ACSC 79(3)l cat $360, plus adjacent blk of 12 (pos 13-24) mostly MUH with dot before 1 & thinned left frame varieties (pos 21, 22). ACSC 79(3) m, n, na cat $500. 1d deep red single line perf UR cnr blk of 6 mostly MUH. 1d deep violet blk of 6 (pos 13-15/19-21) with dot before 1 (pos 21) VF M/MUH ACSC 76B(3)m cat $250. Dot before 1 U/M group (17) inc 1d red single wmk strip of 3 U inc thinned left frame (ACSC 71(3)na cat $150), LM wmk MLH ($325), 1d violet pr with 'thinned left frame' (76(3) m, n, na $150). 1d green SM wmk pr with 'thinned left frame' VFM ($120). 1d red LM wmk 'notched LL cnr' (pos 30). VFM (ACSC 74(3)o cat $325). 1d green No wmk lwr half pane of 30 inc part imprint with 3 ACSC listed varieties VF MUH (ACSC 79(3)p, r, s cat $820). Notched UL cnr (pos 40) group (10). ACSC cat $545 inc 1d red LM wmk in pr with normal FU (ACSC 74(3)p $175) & in blk of 4 VF MLH/MUH (cat $480). Another wonderful collection inc some choice exhibition quality multiples, plus wide variety of plated unlisted flaws. F-VFM/MUH & G-FU. Total ACSC cat $8300. (280). (P)AVAILABLE at A$1800

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1942-45 Pictorials & Shah set 5d-200R. Mostly F-VF fresh M/MLH. SG 850-83 cat £2593 (13 years ago). Sc 876-909 cat US$3545. Key Pahlavi reign set missed by most collectors as issued during WWII. (34) (P)SOLD at A$1900