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India-Feudatory States: 1869-1949 Approval books with many better. Barwani 1917-32 inc perfs & shades. Bijawar 1935-36 Maharaja to 2a perf plus rouletted. Morvi 1931-48 Maharaja to 2a inc blk. Useful Cochin from 1892 inc Officials. Bhopal 1878-96 Embossed range inc various printings plus Service issues from 1908. Hyderabad 1869 1a good coverage of 1871-1909 to 12a inc shades. Travancore from 1888 inc 1921 1c/4c, error opt INVERTED. Rajasthan 1950 opt Jaipur Raja to 1R. Kishangarh from 1899 inc 1900 ¼a & 1a tete-beche prs. Duttia 1897 inc 1893 Arms set inc shades. Jaipur inc useful Service from 1928. Charkhari from 1897 Dagger inc shades, Alwar 1877-1901 Daggers inc shades. Dhar 1898-1900 Arms set to 2a. Jammu & Kashmir 1878-94 Native vals inc shades & printings plus Officials. Sirmoor 1878-80 1st issue, Idar 1944 booklet comp. Plenty of shades M&U etc to sort. Most F-VF M/U. SG cat £3100+ = A$5500+. (1150). All genuine, very little duplication so would serve as an excellent starter collection for this extremely interesting field.AVAILABLE at A$1200