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Colombia: Collection 1860-1984 in album. 1860 Arms 5c. 1862-63 Arms 5c & 10c. 1865 Arms to 1P plus shades. 1879 Cali Provisionals 20c & 50c. 1881 Liberty set plus shades. 1868-70 Arms set to 1P plus shades. 1869-70 Triangle blk of 4. 1870-77 Arms high val 5P & 10P plus shades. 1870-74 Arms set to 25c plus blks & shades. 1883-86 Arms set to 10P plus imprints & blks. 1886-88 Republic Arms set to 10P. 1903-04 Portrait & Arms set to 10P. 1935 Olympic set to 50c -then largely comp to 1984. Useful Airmails inc 1932-33 Pictorial set to 5P. 1941 Pictorial set to 5P. SCADTA Airs, Avianca 1950 'A' opt pictorial set to 5P & Lansa 1950 'L' opt Pictorial set to 5P, plus 1951 Pictorial set to 5P -Airs then appears comp to 1984. Registration stamps from 1870 inc 1889 range inc shades & imperf. States inc Antioquia, Carthagena, Cundinamarca & Bogota etc. Almost all diff inc shades, types etc. Mostly F-VF M/U, majority post 1960 being VF fresh MUH. SG cat £5200+ = A$9500+. Rarely offered country. (1650)AVAILABLE at A$1200