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Indonesia: 1868-1976 Collection. Dutch Indies 1868 King 10c. 1913-14 Queen to 1G. 1945-46 Queen to 1G. Indonesia 1950 5th Anniv set. 1949-50 Pic & Numeral Defs to 25R. Republic of Indonesia 1948 Pics to 1R. 1948 UPU M/S. 1974 Costumes set to 160R. Good coverage of Commems. Almost all diff. Most F-VF M/U, 80%+ being M. SG cat £1400+ A$2500+. (1050 + 5 M/S)AVAILABLE at A$200

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1½d Red Harrison Imprint blk of 8, Electro 18 with plating variety, 'bulge in upper frame at top right cnr' (pos t L60). VFM/MUH, perf separation at top centre strengthened by hinge. ACSC 89(18) cat $625. (P)AVAILABLE at A$200

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1½d Red Harrison Imprint blk of 12 (Electro 18) large perf holes with 'white smudge flaw right of Kangaroo's legs' & ACSC listed variety 'G E of POSTAGE joined' (pos 18R56). Odd typical gum bend. F-VF M with some fragile perf reinforcing. Scarce multiple. ACSC 90(18)t, z cat $625.AVAILABLE at A$200

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1939 Registered Airmail covers to same company in GB inc Express franked Arms 35pf & Air 1G, 2 others with mixed Arms/Airs, very long (360x135mm) with Arms 5pf, 80pf, Mendel 10pf & Pictorial 2G pr, another with Arms 75pf, Pics 1G & 5G, or 55pf, 3G & 5G or Arms 70pf, Airs 1G & 2½G -last w/o network background (SG cat £325 as loose stamp), another with 50pf, 1G & 2G, or finally 5pf, 80pf, Air 1G & Pic 5G. Last 3 covers 310x250mm with central folds -1 very battered with GB 'found open' resealing tape, 2 other expandable type (290 x 140-55mm) or smaller. Typical condition for such larger covers. SG cat £625++ as loose stamps alone. Very rare high value frankings. (9). (P)AVAILABLE at A$800

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1840 QV 1d black Plate 9, letters NI. VFU, 4 margins, black Maltese Cross pmk. SG 2-PL9 cat £625. (P)AVAILABLE at A$300

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1887-92 QV Jubilee 10d dull purple & deep dull carmine. VF fresh MLH. SG Spec K39(2), SG 210a cat £625. RPSL photo cert. (P)AVAILABLE at A$250

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Naples: 1860 Savoy Cross ½t deep blue. FU, 3 margins. SG 9 cat £4250, Sass 16 cat €6250. Rare classic. Calves photo cert. (P)AVAILABLE at A$300

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Great Barrier Island: 1898 Original design 'SPECIAL POST' 1/- deep blue, FULL SHEET of 18, with intact margins. VF fresh 1M/17 MUH. CP VP1 NZ cat $4950 as M singles, MUH should be at least double, so $9625 for this, plus premium for extremely rare sheet. (P)SOLD at A$2200

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1950 Stamp Centenary set 50c-25P imperf. VF fresh MUH, 4 margins. Ed 1075-82 cat €625, SG 1141-48 cat £675. (8) (P)AVAILABLE at A$250