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India-Jaipur: Collection 1904-50 mostly Mint with 1904 Sun God vals to 2a inc 1a sheet of 12 & ½a blk of 4. 1905-09 Chariot vals to 8a plus 1a brown-red blk of 9. 1911 Chariot ¼a, ½a & 1a, imperf sheets of 6. 1912-22 Chariot perf ¼a, ½a blks of 6 & 4a blk of 3. 1931 Investiture set to 5R (SG cat £600). 1932-46 Raja 4a & 8a blks of 4 inscribed Postage & Revenue. 1932-46 Raja vals to R1, all except 8a in blks of 4. 1936 1R Surch set (£225, plus 1R U). 1948 Silver Jubilee set to 1R. 1928 Service opt Chariot vals to 8a. 1936-46 opt Raja vals to 1R, ¼a-8a in MUH blk of 4. 1947 Surch 9p/1a Service blk of 30. Also Rajastan inc 1950 opt Raja vals to 1R. Almost all diff inc shades blks etc. F-VF M/MUH, odd U, the key 1931 set is superb fresh M! SG cat £2300 = A$4000+ & much under-catalogued as for example the last 1931 Investiture set we sold realised more than full cat value. Beautiful collection. (222). (P)SOLD at A$1500