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1918 Poland - Ukraine: Luboml Jewish local post Views set 5h-50h prepared but unissued due to end of WWI, inscribed in 4 languages -German, Polish, Russian & Yiddish, 5h showing local synagogue. Specialist collection on 3 pages inc imperf set, plus 50h pelure paper, perf set plus paper varieties, set of imperf se-tenant prs with 1 in ea pr INVERTED denomination!, plus full double sheet of 2 panes showing printing arrangement, so with 6 interpaneau tete-beche prs, each pane with 10 normal stamps, 1 stamp inverted denomination & 1 blank tab. Mostly VF fresh M/MUH/U. Mi 1-5A & B & Mi 1-5BK & F est cat €900++. Interesting collection (46)AVAILABLE at A$375

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1927 Airmail opt set 1ch-30Kr, opt SPECIMEN. VF fresh MUH. Persiphila 740-55 cat $1650 for M, should be double, US$3300 MUH. SG 642-57(s) cat £1100 for normal M set, +50% for specimen & should be at least double, £3300 MUH, Sc C1-16(s) cat US$914 for normal M, plus +50% for specimen, so US$2750 MUH. Very rare genuine MUH set. 2013 Ceremuga photo cert. (16). (P)AVAILABLE at A$1100

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1950 Currency Revaluation cover franked 'GROSZY' violet opt type 3 of Katowice & Krakow on 1947 Workers set, 1949 Trade Union Congress set & Peasant Congress set, tied by 'Sosnowiec 21 4 52' cds. To Denmark. Mi 580-83, 630-32 & 642-45 cat €88+ as loose stamps alone -should be double on cover, €174.SOLD at A$50

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1936 Airmail Propeller set 1E50-50E. F-VF MUH/MLH, 50E perf tones. Mi 591-6 & 642-5 cat €540. SG 891-96a cat £425 (10) (P)AVAILABLE at A$170