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Japan: 1871-2015 Collection in 5 large s/books starting with 1871-74 Dragons inc perfs & imperfs. 1872-76 Cherry Blossom to 30s. 1875 Bird set. 1876-92 Koban to 1Y inc 45s. 1895 China War set of 4. 1899-1907 Chrysanthemum to 10Y. 1913-37 Tazawa to 10Y. 1915 Coronation to 10s. 1919 Peace to 10s. 1919 Air opt M (SG cat £650). 1927 50th Anniv 6s. 1934 Red Cross set. Useful 1930s-50s National Park issues. 1947 Railway M/S. 1948 Philatelic Exhib M/S. 1948 Philatelic 5Y. 1949 Postal Week 8Y. Then good coverage of Commem & Defs to 2010. Also Prefectures Aichi-Yamanashi very expensive modern collection & range of 1960s-90s strips, blks & part sheets mainly Used. Most F-VF M/MUH/U. SG cat £10,000 = A$18,000, plus doubtful early Dragons, Cherry Blossoms & Birds which would cat extra £1500+ are not included in total & not counted in valuation.AVAILABLE at A$1100