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French Colonies: 1884-1950 Mint & MUH collection on stockcards, rather disorganised. Good range of many colonies with better noted inc French India 1903 Peace & Commerce 0.05 on 25c (SG cat £400) & 0.10 on 25c (£375), Syria 1920 Postage Due opt 1Pi on 10c (£225) & 2Pi on 20c (£225), Cameroon, Fezzan, Middle Congo, Grand Comoro inc 1912 Surch to 45c in blks, Zanzibar 1896-1900 P&C opts to 50a on 5Fr, Levant, Tahiti 1903 opt P&C 10c on 15c numbered gutter prs, Indochina inc various Pos in China, Ivory Coast, Gabon inc putter prs & blks, Ubangi-Chari, Benin inc 1892 P&C to 1Fr, Diego Suarez, Madagascar, Senegal, West Africa, plus plenty more inc special items like unissued PORT-SAID opts. Almost all VF M/MUH, overall fresh, est 70% MUH. Yv cat est €10,000+ for M, should be at least double MUH €17,000+ = A$25,000+. Impressive & valuable lot. (2000). (P)SOLD at A$3000