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Gambia: 1880-1902 QV Mint. 1880-81 QV Cameos to 3d inc shades, wmk crown CC. 1886-93 QV Cameos to 1/- inc shades wmk crown CA. 1898-1902 QV Tablets to 6d. Extras inc shades. Most F-VF M, odd with tropical gum. SG cat £610+. (35) (P)SOLD at A$150

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1d Deep red Single line perf (G2) pane 8 LR cnr No Monogram blk of 24 (pos 37-60) with ACSC listed varieties white spot in LR cnr (cnr dot) pos VIII/54, Run N 1st state with hooked LR cnr (V111/60) & inking flaws 'white frame line below ONE PENNY obliterated' (V111/50, 51, 53) plus 'white spur on RVT' (V111/42), dent in lower frame (V111/52), large red ink flaw behind King's neck (V111/59). Central reverse gum stain (hardly affecting). No Monogram strip (cat $4750), minor left selvedge separation strengthened with hinges. Mostly VF MUH. Great rarity, Superb appearance. 2018 ACSC 70B(4)S, U(var), V, za cat $6650. (24) (P)SOLD at A$2700

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1933 Centenary KGV & Pictorials set ½d-£1. VF M/MLH/MUH, £1 is MUH with uneven gum colour, but Superb fresh front appearance. SG 127-38 cat £4250 for M, while £1 should be at least double MUH, so total £6650+. Only 2711 sets issued & a key British Empire set. (12). (P)AVAILABLE at A$3000

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1898 Pictorials ½d to 2/-, no wmk perf 14-14½ inc both 2½d. VF fresh M/MLH. SG 246-58 cat £665. (13) (P)AVAILABLE at A$300