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Germany: 1933-45 3rd Reich Collection in s/book inc 1933 Frederick set, 1933-36 Hindenburg set to 100pf. 1934 Air set to 3Mk. 1934 Explorers set. 1934 Welfare Fund set. 1935 Costumes set to 40pf. 1936 Olympics M/S set of 2. 1937 Hitler M/S perf & imperf, Munchen Riem M/S & Culture Fund M/S. 1939 Nurburgring opt set U. 1945 SA/SS set imperf. Also modern 'printers' proofs' (not counted) of Hitler M/S. Then extensive range from bklts inc se-tenant prs & strips such as 1934-40 Hindenburg, 1934 & 1935 Welfare sets se-tenant prs. 1934 Hindenburg part se-tenant sheet inc 1pf, 3pf & 5pf. All seem in full sets & in excellent condition. Majority M/MUH, some U generally as extra sets to the M/ MUH & often on pieces with special pmks. SG cat £6000+ = A$11,000+. Valuable & attractive collection. (1000 + 8 M/S). (P)AVAILABLE at A$2000