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Germany: 1937-1945 Third Reich Occupations extensive & valuable 2 vol collection nicely written up, with Albania 1943 opts set to 3Fr, Bohemia & Moravia 1939 opt set plus collection of others inc Theresienstadt Concentration Camp, Belgian Flemish Legion 1941 Soldiers Legion set of 4, 1943 Legion set of 6, French Volunteer Legion inc 1941 Polar Bear M/Sheet with Ceremuga photo-cert, Channel Is inc Guernsey & Jersey, plus some on cover, 1941 GB bisects on postcards. Laibach inc 1944 Airs set of 7 plus 2L Express, Luxemburg 1940 opts set in blks of 4 1M/3MUH, Croatia inc 1941 opts SG 1-23, also the scarce 1941 Croatian Army opts SG 25a/25o with Zrinjscak photo-cert, Estonia 1941 Arms thin paper set, thick paper set, Kotor 1944 1,50/55c violet, 1944 Yugo opt set of 4, Kurland 1945 Hitler Head opts set of 3, 1945 Fieldpost opt '12' perf 13½. German Occup of Montenegro inc 1944 Red Cross opts Occup of Poland with 1940 opts set inc Dues, Government in exile issues, Polish POW camp issues. Serbia Occup inc 1941 Air opt 'Serbia' & Air Surch opt sets 1941 Expo M/Sheet pr MUH, 1941 POW opt set of 4 with 'C' opt set facing left, ditto facing right, 1943 War Invalids M/S pr MLH/MUH, 1943 Postal Cent sheetlet MUH, Slovakia 1939 opts to 3k50 M/MLH, 1939-40 Dues to 20K UN, Romania inc 1941 Anti-Bolshevik set in blks of 4, Sudentenland 1931-37 issues with local opt 'Wir Sind Frei' various others. F-VF & clean. Conservative cat £4800++, plus €1400 converts as A$11,000++, plus extra for many unlisted items, covers etc. Strong collection with scope for expansion. (1270, 10 M/S, 19 covers/cards). (P)AVAILABLE at A$1700

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1956-71 Europa Collection in 3 s/books. Noted 1956 Luxembourg set (SG cat £650). 1957 set to 4Fr (£275). Liechtenstein 1960 50r (£140). Interesting coverage of GB local islands issues inc M/S. Noted Jethow, Sandh, Lundy, Herm, Pabay, Davaor & Sark. Also selection of cvrs inc FDC. F-VF M/MUH/U, with 80%+ fresh MUH. SG cat £2400+ = A$4300+. (685, 24 M/S & 2 covers).AVAILABLE at A$350

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Cigarette Cards: Wills Collection with 1912 Historic Events (44/50) cat £50, 1908 Time & Money (2 sets), both Capstan & Vice Regal backs, cat £170. 1908 Flag Girls (Silk, 46 mixed) cat £127. 1915 War Incidents 2nd series set cat £160. 1926 NZ early scenes, Maori Life (£13), 1927 NZ Footballers (£80) & 1937 Our King & Queen (£10). Generally F-VF. Total 2014 Murray cat £685. (460)SOLD at A$180

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1d Red/Violet/Green pane 7 Collection neatly written up on leaves with 1d violet UL cnr blk of 16 (3x5) MUH with secret mark & weeping pearl, (pos 1, 7) ACSC 76(4)d, e cat $500 1d green perf 14 UL cnr blk of 4 MUH on translucent paper with above varieties ACSC 80Baa(4) d, e cat $750+. 1d red, 1d violet & 1d green single wmk blks of 4, all with secret mark/weeping pearl varieties odd MUH, mostly VFM, ACSC cat $600. 1d carmine-red (G31) left marginal blk of 12 (3x4) MUH with wattle line, nick in UL frame & neck flaw varieties (ACSC 71Y(4)f,g,h cat $800). Plus plated blk of 12 (3x4) VF MUH (cat $480). 1d carmine-rose perf OS plated blks of 4(2) all MUH (ACSC 71bb cat $400) wattle line & nick in left frame flaws (pos 31-32) group of 15 inc retouches to CofA wmk, mostly FU (cat $800) inc 1d green single wmk joined pr VFM. 1d green SM wmk perf 14 vert strip of 4, centre stamps mis-placed perfs plus marginal blk of 4 MLH/MUH translucent paper (ACSC 80aa cat $350). Neck flaw group (10) inc 1d red LM wmk. 1d green wattle line/neck flaw blks of 4 (4) & vert pr, mixed MLH/MUH, total cat $1685, 1d red LR cnr pr with RA joined, fresh MUH. 1d violet blk of 4 with Ferns & RA joined varieties, & 1d green lwr marginal part Harrison imprint blk of 12 with both varieties very clear (cat $400). Finally comp imprints with Harrison, Mullett prs, Harrison no wmk blk of 8 M, wmk blk of 4, & SM wmk perf 14 translucent paper Mullett imprint blk of 8. As previously all fresh & clean with mass non-listed ACSC varieties identified, inc plated multiples, F-VF M/MUH G-VF U. Total ACSC $10,500. (260). (P)AVAILABLE at A$2000

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1940-41 surch Ceres 1F/2F50 green, error horiz pr, left stamp opt OMITTED, resulting in setenant stamps of diff denominations. Superb fresh MUH. SG 685(var), Yv 488a cat €2100, Maury 488f cat €2100. Very rare & spectacular. 2000 vd Weid SBPV photo-cert. (P)AVAILABLE at A$700

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1904-07 KEVII 1R-5R wmk mult crown. VF, all circular violet F/C. SG 26-30 cat £685 for U. (5).AVAILABLE at A$80