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German Local Issues: 1945-46 Collection Allied Occupation provisionals on special printed pages in 2 albums inc Austria 1945-46 vert opt Hitler inc 5Mk perf 12½. Czechoslovakia-USA Army opt set (mentioned in Michel cat unpriced), Bad Nauheim 1946 (February) 'Postamt' circular issue with numbers 42, 54 & 70 (Mi A1-A3 cat €1500). 1946 Circular set with Arms (€450). Cottbus 1945 Pictorial set to 5Mks. Dobeln 1946 Arms opt 'Youth Day' 5pf & 15pf blks of 4. Falkensee 1945 Bird set plus New Colours set. Fredersdorf 1945 FM, single black frame set to 30pf. Glauchau 1945 opt Hitler set to 80pf plus official. Lobau 1945 'D' opt Hitler to 60pf. Meissen 1945 Hitler to 80pf. 1945 Reconstruction M/S. Niesky 1945 Numeral & Arms inc papers. Perleburg 1945-46 Star opt Hitler to 42pf. Ravensburg 1945-46 opt Hitler to 80pf (Mayer €2195). Saulgau 1945-46 U opt Hitler to 50pf. Saverne 1945-46 U opt Hitler to 80pf (Mayer €540). Strausberg 1945 opt Hitler. Westerstede 1945-46 U opt Hitler to 60pf. Wittenberg 1945 M/S -3 diff papers. Wurzen 1945 opt Hitler to 80pf (est €1000). Also Russian Zone Pictorial 'Deutsche Post' private essays in green, red, brown & blue. Almost all diff. Most VF M/MUH/U, 80%+ being M/MUH. Mi & Mayer cat €12,000+ = A$18,000 -plus much unlisted material like the essays not counted. Very carefully collected & all seen genuine. Fantastic lot for starting collecting of this interesting field. (770 plus 12 M/S). (P)SOLD at A$2100