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Hong Kong: 1863-1997 desirable collection in blue Lighthouse stockbook inc 1863 12c pale-blue MUH, 1882 wmk crown CA 2c rose-lake SG 32 (2 M/MLH), 2c rose-pink SG 32a, 1900 set 2c-30c M/MLH, 1902 wmk crown CA 30c SG 70 MLH, 50c SG 71 MUH, 1904 wmk mult crown, 30c SG 84 MUH, 1907-11 New Colours 2c green SG 92 (6 MUH). 1912-21 1c to 50c M/MLH, 25c type B SG 109 MLH, 30c SG 110 MUH, 1935 Jubilee. 1938-52 KGVI to $10 inc 30c olive perf 14 MLH, 50c both shades perf 14, perf 14½ MUH, $2 violet & scarlet (2 MUH) $10 lilac & blue MUH, 1954 QEII set MUH & set MLH, 1962 Defs $1.30 to $20 MUH. 1960s Commems largely MUH with extras, 1973 Defins set MUH, 1974 Arts Festival set & M/Sheet. 1975 Festival M/S (2 MUH), late 1980s New Years sets & M/S, 1987-88 Defins sets type A + type B, 1989-91 Defins to $50 MUH, 1990s M/S, Defins etc. Mostly F-VF. SG cat £5500 = A$9800. (910, 57 M/S)SOLD at A$1400

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Australian Missing Colours & Errors group with 1973-74 Shrimp 1c strip 'yellow omitted on one, adjoining unit partly, other two normal', Agate 7c 'black omitted', Sapphire 10c & 1975 Lyons 10c both 'printed on gum side', 1975 Flower 18c 'black omitted', 1978 Grebe 20c 'yellow omitted' & 1982 Whale 60c 'solid greenish-blue background'. All VF fresh MUH. SG 545b, 550a, 552ae, 591a, 673a & 841a, ACSC 635cc, 642a, 648ci, 725a, 805cb & 930(E)I cat $6410 (10). (P)AVAILABLE at A$1200

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Pakistan: 1947-71 Collection in stockbook plus illustrated pages inc 1947 Defs set MLH, 1947 Officials MLH, 1948 Defs to 5R G-FU inc perf varieties of lower values M/MLH or G-FU. Then a good range of other issues either M or G-FU with extras, multiples, Bahawalpur small selection M/MLH. Also inc a selection of 3 uprated UN Airletters & uprated 'Pakistan' airletter all from RAAF Flt Lt John Cornish while on peace keeping service with United Nations (UNMOGIR) in Rawalpindi, Pakistan, scarce. Generally F-VF. An interesting collection, stamps alone cat approx £550 = A$1000, plus covers, stockbook. (725)SOLD at A$150

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1975 Flower 18c error 'black omitted', so missing 'Australia 18c'. VF fresh MUH. SG 608a cat £42. ACSC 725c cat $60.SOLD at A$30

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1852 Queen 6R pale blue. VFU, 4 margins, black oval grid pmk. SG 20 cat £550, Edifil 1bb cat €725. Exp Bloch. (P)AVAILABLE at A$230

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1852 Queen 6R greenish-blue. FU appearance, 4 margins, small nick in bottom margin, black oval grid pmk. SG 20a cat £550, Edifil 16 cat €725. (P)AVAILABLE at A$120