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India: 1890s-1965 Collection/Accumulation in small old s/book inc QV to 1R, KEVII to 1R, KGV set to 25R (mixed wmks, SG cat £110+), 1929 Air, New Delhi & Silver Jubilee sets M (£110), KGVI set U to 25R (2+ sets, £280), 1948 Gandhi set M (£425), then appears almost comp M/U to 1965 inc 1955 Def set to 10R (£100). Mostly F-VF M/U. SG cat £1950 = A$3500. (600)AVAILABLE at A$350

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New South Wales: Postmarks Numeral & CDS cancels on covers & cards collection in large album with Numerals (190+) 1-2042 inc 9 (1st type duplex name at base), 14 (with m/s 'OR 7216, 6d' to Pay), 35 (Goulburn, type 1 on 1851 2d Laureate), Goulburn duplex with 'OR 122 6d due' in blue. 38 (2) tying 1880s QV 1d pr to 1885 cover to Newtown. 49 (1st type duplex, name at base). 213 with 'MORE TO PAY' cachet & 1d Postage Due attached, 577 on PPC with Coolac cds. 587 of Gulgong tying 1d Shield to locally addressed env, 1074 2 clear strikes on 1d Shield pr, 1735 from Tharwa to Michelago & 2042 from Tarcoon to Hobart, cds pmks (300+) inc Bemboka, Boro, Cobbora, Coraki RR, Edgecliff (tying 1897 Charity 1d to local env), Hungerford, Jindera, Mazon Creek & Registered Tamworth in double oval. Overall variable quality of strikes from poor to VF, still useful group inc some NSW scenes on the PPC. See website. (500)SOLD at A$900

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France: 1849-1990s Collection/accumulation in 3 s/books. 1849-52 Ceres 15c, 20c & 25c, imperf. 1852 President 25c. 1853-60 Emperor to 40c imperf inc shades & pmks. 1862 Emperor no wreath to 80c. 1871-76 Ceres to 80c. 1876-1900 P & C to 1Fr. 1900-23 Blanc, Mouchon & Merson to 10Fr. 1929-33 Building to 10Fr. Also Algeria & Tunisia ranges inc Tunisia 1888-98 Arms to 25c. Mostly G-VF M/U, some mixed earlies. SG cat £8100+ = A$14,500+. (7350+)SOLD at A$400
Norfolk Island: Comp MUH collection 1947-end 2015 in 3 Seven Seas hingeless albums (retail $735) inc 2003. Flight M/Sheet with 2004 Exhib opt, 12 additional Local Post booklets & 2001 Belgica Exhib Prestige booklet. Very near comp (missing only 2 sets, 2012 Iconic Activities & 2014 shorelines). Retail $200 to 1975 plus another $950 FV. Post Millennium sets, M/Sheets & booklets still very hard to find. Can be continued with very little extra expense. Fresh MUH.SOLD at A$700

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Portuguese Colonies - Macao: 1884-1903 Collection inc 1884 Crown to 300R, plus 1885 New Colours to 80R. 1884 '800 Reis' opt in circle on 100R. 1885 Surch set 5R/25R to 20R/50R diag surch. 1885 Surch set 5/25R & 10/50R. 1887 Surch set 5R/80R to 20R/80R. 1887 5R/100R & 10R/200R. 1887 Opt Fiscal stamps 5R/60R, 10R/10R, 10R/60R & 40R/20R, all with value tablets attached.1888 Embossed to 300R. 1892 30/200R. 1894 New Currency opt to 47a/300R. 1894 Figures to 300R. 1898 400th Anniv to 24a. 1898-1903 Carlos to 78a, plus New Colours. 1892-93 Newspaper opt to 2½ on 80r. 1893 Newspaper 2½r & 1894 ½a on 2½R. All diff. Mostly G-VF M/UN/U, sl mixed in parts. SG cat £4100+ = A$7350+. Many scarce stamps. (101) (P)SOLD at A$600

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1912-13 SERVICE opt KGV set 3p-25R wmk large star, 4 of every value to 1R, & 2R (2) inc shades. F-VFU. SG O73-96 cat £735. (38). (P)AVAILABLE at A$350