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Isle of Man: 1967-88 Special Event/commem covers (416) with strong local content inc Motor-sports & bike racing, Church & College anniversaries, Maritime & Shipping inc 'Paquebot' cancels, Historical Events inc some signed by personalities involved, plus silk woven cachets (32 to Num 93) inc Nos 1 & 2. All in 7 well filled albums plus 8th album with 100 Philatelic Exhibition pmks & cachets from 1974 INTERPEX to 1986 Ameripex. Then postmarks on cover collection (210) mixed Commercial/Philatelic inc cds, machine cancels, Meter Mail, Postage Dues, Post-Town not known & other unclaimed Mail cachets, plus GB QV 1d violet pmk Ramsey IOM on local cover. Small album with 76 Aerograms mixed UN/U/CTO. Finally 2 large albums with 100+ 'oversize' covers inc Reg envs (18) Commercial Mail, Official Mail & assorted Commem covers. Massive vendor costs. Very diverse, all in 10 large & 4 small albums. (900).AVAILABLE at A$100