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Italy: Mint collection 1862-1945 in Bolaffi hingeless album inc 1862 King embossed 20c & 80c. 1863-65 King 2L. 1890 Valevole opt Parcel Stamps vals to 1L75. 1910 Garibaldi set plus Plebiscite set. 1911 50th Anniv set. 1912 Campanile set. 1915-16 Red Cross set. 1922 Trieste Congress opt set to 40c. 1921 Victory set. 1922 Mazzini set. 1923 Propagation of Faith set. 1923 Fascist set to 5L. 1923 Black Shirt Fund set. 1923 Mazola 10c-1L. 1928 National Defence set. 1928 Filberto vals to 20L. 1929-42 Def set to 50L. 1929 Montecassino set to 10L. 1930 Virgil set plus Airmails. 1931 St Anthony set. 1932 Garibaldi set plus Airmails.1934 Football set plus Airmails. 1934 Military set plus Airmails. 1935 Bellini set plus Airmails. 1936 2000th Anniv set. 1937 Child set plus Airmails. 1937 Augustus set plus Airmails. Italian Socialist Republic 1944 opt Parcel Post set to 20L in setenant prs. 1944 Postage Due opt set to 20L Airmail 1933 Zeppelin set to 20L. 1933 Triptych set opt Napo plus 5L25 for Apporecchio. 1934 Rome-Mogadiscio set plus Official opt 10L MUUH (£1100++). Express 1922 1L20. Parcel Post 1914-22 setenant pr vals to 20L. All diff. Mostly F-VF M/MUH. SG cat £10,000+ = A$18,000+ for M plus large premium for the many MUH. Sass cat €17,000+ = A$26,000. Valuable collection. (520). (P)AVAILABLE at A$1300