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Japan: 1871-1908 collection. 1871 Dragons set to 500m, imperf. 1872 Dragon New Currency set to 5s perf plus shades. 1872-76 Cherry Blossom basic set to 30s plus shades. 1875 Bird set to 30s plus shades. 1875 Bird set 12s-45s. 1876-92 Koban set to 1Y inc 6s, 12s, 45s & 50s carmine. 1894 Silver Wedding set 2s & 5s. 1896 China War set of 4. 1899-1908 Chrysanthemum set to 10Y. Also 1890s Official sealed label M. All diff inc shades. Most F-VF U, odd flts & many forgeries in classics as usual. SG cat £6200+ = A$11,000+. (94). (P)AVAILABLE at A$350
Extensive FDC & Stationery collection 1948-92 in 13 albums inc some Pre-decimal & early Decimals. Extensive range of late 1970s on inc AAT 1979-81 Ships Series set of Base covers (6 sets), also set of Base covers with ea in blks of 4, 1988 Bicentennial extensive range of covers. PSEs, commem covers inc First Fleet re-enactment, Captain Cook thematic collection, Australian issues inc NSW 4d Cook M, 4d Cook OS U & others, 1970 covers, packs, New Zealand 1969 M/Sheet on 11 diff First Day & commem covers. Mostly F-VF. (790+)AVAILABLE at A$160

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Europe: Collection on hagners, strength in Germany 1921-45 largely MUH inc 1927 Welfare set, Third Reich issues inc 1936 (Winter & Summer Olympic sets, 1936 Hitler M/Sheet imperf, 1937 Hitler roul M/S CTO, 1937 Brown Ribbon opt M/S, 1936 & 1938 Relief sets, 1939 Motor show set, 1939 German Derby set & Postal Employees Fund set, 1939-40 Winter Relief Fund sets, others inc Hitler's Birthday sets with extras, 1945 12th Anniv set. Cat £2900. Plus some Allied Zones. Then Latvia 1918-40 inc 1928 10th Anniv set, 1930 Airs set both MUH, 1930 Rainis 6s-12s, 10s-20s, 15s-30s FU, 1932 Air Charity 10s-50s, 15s-75s, 20s-100s, 25s-125s MUH, also some G-FU. Estonia range inc 1941 Swastika set of 3, 6 ea MUH. Also some Austria, Saar inc 1927 Officials set G-FU, German Occup of Bohemia, Poland sets & others. Some sl mixed condition inc minor toning, still many F-VF cat £4350 = A$7900. Inspect to evaluate. (1200, 4 M/S) (P)SOLD at A$500

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1981-83 Wildlife 27c Frog perf 12½ sheet of 100, variety partially missing yellow & black at top of 3rd, 4th & 5th stamps in top row, causing blue leaf etc & partially missing inscription of 'Blue Mountains Tree Frog' which is totally missing on 4th stamp. VF fresh MUH. SG 790(var), ACSC 937(var). Amazing new discovery & certificate can be obtained on request. (P)AVAILABLE at A$1000

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1932-40 Mint Collection with 1932 Emperor & Pagoda set to 1Y (SG cat £400). 1933 1st Anniv set to 10f. 1934 Emperor & Pagoda to 1Y, granite paper. 1937 Extra-Territorial Rights set to 20f. All diff. All VF fresh MLH. SG cat £790. (40) (P)SOLD at A$250