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1d Violet & 1d Green Specialized range on hagners inc shades, varieties, pmks inc 1d violet 9MUH/21MLH inc prs, blks of 4 plus 108 G/FU inc 7 perf "OS" showing a range of varieties inc Ferns, RA joined "weeping pearls" Run N etc. 1d green extensive range from single wmk to CofA MUH/MLH & G/FU noted. Good study of the various listed flaws in both M&U & various states. Highlights inc no wmk perf "OS" FU, no wmk perf "OS" with Ferns variety GU (closed tear), Ferns RA joined study inc SM perf 14 imp blk showing retouches Ferns RA, to SM perf 13½ imp prs & others, no wmk blk of 4 1M/3MUH showing "secret mark/weeping pearls, SM perf 14 blk 2MUH/2MLH showing Wattle Line State 2 Neck flaw retouch also blk of 4 UN, showing Wattle Line & Neck Flaw & many other varieties, a good lot. ACSC cat approx $5000. (742).AVAILABLE at A$750