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Estonia: 1918-90s Collection in s/book inc 1918-19 1st issue set in Kopeks & Pennis. 1919-20 Pictorial set to 25Mk, imperf. 1921-22 Red Cross sets perf & imperf + blks. 1923-24 Map set 100Mk & 300Mk. 1923 '1923' opt Triangle Airs set prs plus 10Mk pr, perf. 1923 Charity opt Red Cross set perf & imperf. 1924-27 High Val set to 70Mk. 1930 Surch set to 3h on 300Mk. 1931 Red Cross set. 1938 & 1939 relief Fund M/Sheets. 1939 Parnu M/S. 1919 Tallinn 'East Post' opt Russian Arms to 50K inc 2K, 10K, 10K on 7K, 35K & 50K. 1941 Swastika set. Pernau 1941 opt Russia to 50K. Eesti Post inc 1991 Arms & Flag set. 1992 Bird bklt. Mist F-VF M/MUH/U, odd tropicalisation. SG cat £2000+ plus £9950 for 'Eesti Post' opts = A$21,500+. (760 + 21 M/S)SOLD at A$400

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Great Britain - Circular Delivery Companies: Collection 1815-68 with all towns present inc Aberdeen, Clark & Co, Dundee 1867 set ¼d & ½d (SG cat £300), Edinburgh & Leith range inc Parcel stamp (3d) (£275), Glasgow set perf & imperf, Liverpool, London perf & imperf, Metropolitan, London & districts perf set. National 3 diff colours. Also 1868 Delivery company range of issues from diff towns ¼-1d with cnr letters. Reference range of forgeries plus setenant strips & blks. All diff inc multiples. Mostly F-VF UN/M, few flts. SG cat of originals £1950+ = A$3600+ plus forgeries not counted. Useful collection of these classic period issues. (235).AVAILABLE at A$500

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Poland: 1918 Zarki Local Post specialist collection on 4 exhibition pages, inc 1st 'church' set 3h-12h, 2nd h/s opt set 6h/3h-24h/12h, with both left & right opt types on 10h/5h & pr of 24/12h showing full opt, 3rd set 6h-24h with sets both M & U on pieces, plus set U blks of 4. All these genuine & properly expertised by Mikstein, Schmutz, Ceremuga etc. Then study of forgeries with detailed descriptions, with all 3 sets both perf & imperf. Superb condition, fresh MUH/MLH/U. Mi est cat €3170 for the originals, while forgeries section would cat €1815 & is included for free. Very interesting lot. (48)AVAILABLE at A$800

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1938 Soerabaja-Cloncurry intermediate FFC franked Neth Indies Airmail 30c & with flight cachet, Cloncurry b/s. Light quarter-folds. AAMC 815(var) cat $125+++. Rare. (P)AVAILABLE at A$120

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1938 Batavia-Sydney intermediate FFC franked Neth Indies Airmail 30c tied by 'Batavia 2 7 38' cds, with flight cachet & signed by pilot. Light centre fold. AAMC 815 cat $125+.AVAILABLE at A$60

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1938 60th Birthday set 5d-10R, in M/Sheets of 4, perf. Mostly F-VF MUH, odd aging or blemishes in margins. SG 815a-j cat £400 as singles, Sc 870A-H plus footnote cat US$1100+. (10 M/S) (P)AVAILABLE at A$600

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1938 60th Birthday set 5d-10R in M/Sheets of 4, imperf. Most F-VF MUH, odd aging or blemishes in margins. SG 815k-t cat £520+ as singles, Sc 870A-H (imperf) plus footnote cat US$1500+. (10 M/S). (P)AVAILABLE at A$800

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1948 KGVI Silver Wedding set 20c & £1 with local h/s SPECIMEN (Samuel type K4) in violet, both in UR cnr blks of 8 or 9, with sheet number 001. VF fresh M with paper adhesions to reverse from mounting in archive book. SG 157-58(s). UNIQUE blks as only 1 sheet of 60 of ea existed, ex KUT postal archive. We sold a set of singles in auction 273 for $815, & a set of imprint blks for $11,000 in auction 278, so such unique sheet no cnr multiples would calculate to $7000-$8000. Copy of BPA photo certs for sheets they came from, plus 2013 Ceremuga photo cert. (17) (P)AVAILABLE at A$5000