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Neatly written up semi-specialized collection mostly G/FU, some MUH/MLH in Springback binders with shades & varieties. Noted single wmk ½d green MUH, 2MLH, 32 G/FU inc inverted wmk inc perf OS (3). LM wmk ½d green blk of 6 inv wmk MUH, 19 G/FU inc inv wmk, ½d orange single wmk (11) inc inv wmk, & later wmk. Single wmk 1½d black-brown (13) inc inv wmk. LM wmk 1½d black-brown (26) inc 5 inv wmk, inc perf OS, single wmk 1½d red brown (59), 3 perf OS & 5 perfin. LM wmk 1½d red-brown (103) inc 3 perf OS. 1½d green inc coarse mesh paper, SM perf 14 1½d red (37) inc 6 OS. SM perf 13½ (18) inc inv wmk. 2d orange (27), 4d orange (27) inc shades from the lemon & yellow-orange groups, 4d violet (11) inc 4 perf OS, 4d blue (15) inc "weeping 4", others to 1/4 in smaller selections. Some mixed condition but mostly F-VF. ACSC cat approx $7000. A nice lot. (910)SOLD at A$500