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Transvaal: 1870-97 Collection 1870-77 Large Arms 3d lilac, 6d blue (2) & 1/- green imperf. 1870-77 Large Arms 1d black, 1d red, 6d blue & 1/- green, rouletted. 1874 Large Arms 1d red & 6d perf. 1877 'VR TRANSVAAL' opt Arms to 1/- inc 6d opt Inverted 1877-79 'VR Transvaal' opt to 6d inc opt types. 1878-80 QV set ti 2/-. 1879 '1 PENNY' opt QV 6d 1882 'EEN PENNY' opt QV 4d. 1883 Large Arms set to 1/-. 1885-93 Arms to £5 (no cert). 1885 Surch ½d on 3d & ½d on 1/-. 1885 Surch ½d on 6d & 2d on 6d QV. 1887 ½d on 3d. 1893 Surch to 2½d on 1/-, plus ½d on 2d opt Inverted. 1894 Arms set to 1/-, wagon with shafts. 1895-96 Arms set to 10/-. 1895 Surch ½d on 1/- & 1d on 2½d. 1895 opt Fiscal 6d. 1895 Penny Postage 1d with FD pmk. 1896-97 Arms set to 2/6. All diff inc shades & printings. Most G-VF M/U, some mixed. SG cat £4800+ = A$8600+. (88) (P)SOLD at A$400

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Imprint blks of 4 comp set of 15, ½d to 1/4 with 1/4 fresh MLH/MUH (ACSC cat $3250) inc 5d ($525), 5d/4½d, 4½d violet ($850), 4d ($375), 3d Die I ($275) & II ($825), 2d brown ($250) & another 7 from ½d to 2d/1½d. F-VF M/MUH. ACSC cat $7150. A rarely offered assembly. (P)AVAILABLE at A$3200

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1930 Sinking Fund Angel 1Fr50+3Fr50 purple printing date imprint, 'coins date' LL cnr blk of 4 dated '15 1 30'. VF fresh MUH. SG 480(var) cat £480 for M, should be at least double, £960 MUH, plus premium for blk. Maury 256 cat €825. Yv 256 cat €800. (P)SOLD at A$300

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1876-80 QV Telegraph £1 pale ultramarine, imperf Colour Trial, opt SPECIMEN (type 8) diag, letters AO. Superb fresh MLH, 4 margins. SG Spec L236(p) cat £800, SG T17(p) cat £8250 for normal. (P)AVAILABLE at A$300

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1902-10 KEVII £1 dull blue-green DLR printing. GU, 'London OC 17 02' cds. SG 266 cat £825. (P)AVAILABLE at A$200

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1915-16 opt KGV ½d green single wmk electro 4 group of 3 formes of 30 from the 4th opt setting, 3rd state, with 'stop after S of Islands' (pos 12), 'virtually invisible', or black smudges, 'large stops after W' (pos 6, 16, 20) & the 6 central abc strips. ACSC listed varieties inc 'spot after 2' (4L2), 'retouched shading behind kangaroo' (L7), 'white flaw below TR of Australia' (L8), 'retouched LL cnr' (L26), 'retouched shading behind kangaroo' (L28), 'flaw on king's ear' (L35), 'notch in lower frame below FP' (L43), 'flaw in right side of crown' (L56), 'white flaw over E of Postage' (L60), 'white smudge in LVT' (R11) & 'notch in kangaroo's tail' (R13). ACSC cat $825 as normal plate flaws. F-VF M/MUH, gum lightly tropicalised. (3 formes of 30)AVAILABLE at A$150

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1874-78 QV 1d to 1/- colour trials with 1d brown, 2d blue, 3d mauve, 4d rose, 6d brown & 1/- green, all opt SPECIMEN, perf 12 wmk Star NZ. Mostly F-VF fresh M part gum, 1d & 3d cnr flts. SG 154, 180-84(p) cat £825 as normal & unlisted as specimens. (6). (P)AVAILABLE at A$300