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NWPI: 1915-23 opt collection in album with KGV Single wmk 1d red abc strip MLH, plus singles M or G-FU inc 1d 'Run N', also 4d, 5d MLH/FU. Kangaroos inc 2nd wmk 6d type a, b, c singles FU, 1/- abc strips of 3, MLH. 5/- type a, b, c singles FU. 3rd wmk inc 2d abc strip of 3 M, 2d perf OS FU, 2/- brown FU, 1918 Surch pr M/MLH, 1d/5d FU, also pr FU, opts 'as is'. 1918-22 ½d large multi inc vertical strip of 5 MUH, also 4 MLH/FU, 1d Red 2 MLH, 5 FU, 1d perf OS FU. 1d Die II M & F-VFU (2). Kangaroos inc 6d (2), 1/-, 2/- M/MLH, 1921-22 colour changes inc 1d violet perf OS FU, 4d blue MUH, MLH & FU & others. Attractive collection, generally F-VF. Retail $4300. (89)AVAILABLE at A$1200