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New Guinea - NWPI: 1915-23 opt collection in album with KGV Single wmk 1d red abc strip MLH, plus singles M or G-FU inc 1d 'Run N', also 4d, 5d MLH/FU. Kangaroos inc 2nd wmk 6d type a, b, c singles FU, 1/- abc strips of 3, MLH. 5/- type a, b, c singles FU. 3rd wmk inc 2d abc strip of 3 M, 2d perf OS FU, 2/- brown FU, 1918 Surcharges pr M/MLH, 1d/5d FU, also pr FU, opts 'as is'. 1918-22 ½d large multi inc vertical strip of 5 MUH, also 4 MLH/FU, 1d Red 2 MLH, 5 FU, 1d perf OS FU. 1d Die IIM & F-VFU (2). Kangaroo inc 6d (2 shades) M/MLH, 1/-, 2/- M/MLH, 1921-22 colour changes inc 1d violet perf OS FU, 4d blue MUH, MLH & FU & others. An attractive collection, generally F-VF. SG cat £1900. Retail $4300. (89).SOLD at A$850

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Brazil: 1843-1949 Collection in Ariro printed special album inc 1843 Bull Eye set 30r, 60r & 90r. 1844-45 Goats Eye to 300R. 1850-54 Numeral set to 600R. 1854-61 Numeral set to 430R. 1866 Emperor to 500R. 1876-77 to 500R roul. 1878-79 white beard to 1000R. 1884-88 Pictorial & Numeral set to 1000R. 1889 Southern Cross set to 1000R. 1894 Liberty set to 2000R. 1898 Newspaper surch set to 2000R. 1931 Revolution set to 700R. Good coverage of Commems to 1949. 1889 Newspaper to 500R. 1889 Postage Due set to 1000R. All diff. Mostly G-VF M/U. SG cat £8000+ = A$14,000+. Nice fresh collection with lots of rarely seen issues. (850). (P)AVAILABLE at A$1200