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Great Britain: Collection in 4 albums & loose. Mostly QEII period to 1980s with good MUH decimal Defs, 1986 Year Album, FV £190 plus some Used inc Machins, also covers 1953-late 80s inc early QEII FDCs. Some tone but largely F-VF. (1850 + 6 M/S)AVAILABLE at A$170

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1865-1890s Norway Local Posts collection of Town Bypost issues on pgs with good coverage of many towns. Alesund 1884 monogram set. Bergen 1868 Numeral 2s red. Christiansund 1878-89 range inc 1878 Andressen to 7o, 1887 Numeral 5o set perf & set to 10o imperf. Holmestrand 1888 Pictorial set, Kragero 1886 Island set. Drummen 1887 Bird 5o, Hammerfest 1888 Pictorial set. Trondheim 1865-70 Monogram range inc types & opt, 1872-77 Numeral range inc shades, printings & surcharges. 1877-78 New Design numeral range to 8o inc shades. Tonsberg 1884-85 Castle range to 20o inc perf & imperf. Tromso 1882 Reindeer range to 8o. Mostly F-VF M/U. Very scarce & seldom offered with so many towns represented. (114).AVAILABLE at A$600

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Argentina: 1858-1903 Collection inc 1858 Confederation set to 15c small numerals. 1860 Confederation set to 15c large numerals. 1862 Arms set to 15c. 1864-66 Rivadavia set to 15c imperf & 1864-67 set to 15c perf. 1867-74 Portrait set to 90c. 1876 Rivadavia 5c rouletted. 1877 Surch set to 8c on 10c. 1877-87 Portrait set to 24c roul, plus 8c & 24c, perf. 1882 Provisional Surch with & w/o horiz perfs. 1882 Surch set to 12c. 1884 Provisional Surch to 4c/5c. 1888-90 Portrait set to 50c plus shades. 1888-91 set to 60c plus shades. 1890-91 High 1P, 5P & 20P. 1892-98 set to 5P. 1892 Columbus set. 1899-1903 Liberty set to 20P. 1883-84 Officials opt to 90c inc 2c opt inverted & 90c opt in black & red. All diff. Most G-VF M/U, 90%+ being used. Mixed in parts. SG cat £7400+ = A$13,300+. (144)AVAILABLE at A$600

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British Commonwealth Omnibus collections in albums (4) with 1937 Coronation near comp (cat £160+) inc Newfoundland set of 11 to 48c, 1946 Victory (£60), 1953 QEII Coronation (£100) all F-VF M, & 1981 RW set of 24 Crown Agents FDC. Then single country collections with France 1849-1971 (600) with 1849-70 Ceres imperf 25c blue, 10c bistre (£95), 1c green/green (£20) & 5c green (£200) & 1871-75 perf (13) to 80c. Napoleon 1853-60 imperf (5) to 80c inc 1c green/green (£110), 5c green (£110) & 80c red (£60), total cat £900. 1876-1900 P&C (32) to 1Fr. 1903-38 Sowers (50) & 1929 Views (5) to 20Fr & 1949 Airmails to 1000Fr. Toning throughout, inspection advisable!. Hungary (1150) 1916-79 comprehensive inc 1950s-60s Pics & Commems. Russia late 1800s-1970s (900) mostly Pics & Commems in s/book. Plus general World collection (2500) in 3 loose leaf albums inc Palestine (90) 1918-45, Danish West Indies (50) inc 1855 3c imperf (3) & 1873-79 Numerals (24) to 10c & 1903 Postage Dues, Bulgaria (100) 1860s-1959, Norway (180) 1877-1960s, Argentina (400) to 1970s, Egypt (120) to 1930s, Hong Kong (100) QV to QEII inc KGVI to $10 plus French Colonies, Thailand (60) 1880s-1930, Ireland & Greece. Conservative reserve/estimate. (5600)AVAILABLE at A$450

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Cape of Good Hope: 1853-1904 Collection/accumulation in binder inc 1853-63 triangles inc 1d (8), 4d (12), 6d, & 1/- (3) inc printings & shades. 1864-77 Hope Seated to 1/- with outer frame line. 1868 Surch 4d/6d. 1871-76 Hope to 5/- no outer frame line. 1874-76 Surch 1d/6d & 1d on 1/-, & 1879 3d/4d. 1880 Three Pence on 3d plus 3 on 3d. 1882-83 Hope to 6d. 1882 Surch ½d on 3d. 1884-98 Hope to 5/- wmk Anchor. 1893-1902 Hope. 1902-04 KEVII set to 5/-. Also Griqualand West 1877-79 G opt 1d, 2d & 4d. Mostly G-VF M/U, mixed condition especially in triangles as usual. SG STC £7500+ = A$13,500+. (350)AVAILABLE at A$400

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European betters on stockcards inc Austria 1949 Welfare & 1950 Election sets MUH. Belgium 1931 Charity M/Sheet (cut-down), 1950 European Championships M/Sheet MLH, 1952 UPU set MUH. Czechoslovakia 1925 Olympic opt set of 3 U on piece, 1937 50K opt 'Wir Sind Frei' + swastika in strip of 3 MUH, 1952 Bratislava M/Sheet M. French Forces in Levant 1943 set opt resistance SG 18-21 set MUH, Marienwerder 1920 1Mk red opt 'Commission Interalliee' variety opt inverted GU, Germany inc 1930 Exhib set MUH, 1934 Welfare set G/FU, 1938 42pf Brown Ribbon MUH, 1945 12th Anniv of Third Reich set MUH. West Germany inc 1949 Parliament set MUH, 1951 St Mary's set F/U. West Berlin 1952 Berliners set MUH. Also Locals inc Schwarzenberg 1945 Hitler Head opt 1pf-1RM Mi 1-20 M/MLH, 1934 Rocket Mail semi-Officials imperf, setenant prs Used on piece. Hungary 1925 Sports set MUH. Italy 1877 10c blue M, 1924 Holy Year set FU, 1932 Garibaldi Airs 50c, 80c, 2L, 5L G/FU, 1937 100L Augustus FU, 1949 European Recovery set MUH. Italian Colonies Dodecanese Is 1933 Balbo Trans-Atlantic Flight strips of 3 MLH, Tripolitania 1934 Rome-Mogadishu Flight set M/MLH, Poland 1938 Stratosphere M/Sheet MLH. Portugal 1940 Centenary 35c, 80c & 1c in imperf prs MLH/MUH. A good selection mostly F-VF. SG cat £12,000 = A$22,000, plus others. (137 + 3 M/S) (P)SOLD at A$1000

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Great Britain: 1818-39 Postage Free Signature Franks mostly fronts only from Members of Parliament (& others) with signature LL & over half with crowned circle FREE red pmks, many with no postal markings, a few with 2-line 'Haddington Penny Post' h/s, 'To Pay 1d Only', 'Above Weight', plus a few later covers inc 1877 printed Circular canvassing objections to the admission of women to study for Medical Degrees at London University. Also some research, 84 with identity shown inc 3rd Duke of Leinster, Bishop of Hereford, 3rd Earl of Warwick, 8th Earl of Lunderdale, 6th Earl of Arlee, Marquis of Breadalbane, 5th Earl of Essex, 1st Baron Edbury & lots more. Some duplication, plus some Irish & Scottish. (140)AVAILABLE at A$250

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Norway: 1855-1941 Ex show dealer's display book on hagners inc 1855 Lion, 1856 2sk, 3sk, 4sk (4) & 8sk F/U (2), 1863 2sk 4sk (7), 8sk (2), 24sk M, 1867 1sk (3), 2sk (3), 3sk, 4sk (7), 8sk (4) Posthorns inc 1871-75 1sk (4), 2sk (3), 3sk (10), 4sk, 6sk (3), 7sk (1 M & 2 U), 1877-78 1o-60o U set with 5o, 35o-60o UN, 1878 1Kr M/U, 1.50Kr UN/U, 2Kr UN/U, 1883-90 1o25o with 5o yellow-green M many shades & varieties, 1894-97 2o-60o, few M, 1905-08 Opts to 30o U, 1910-20 1o-60o M/U, 1907 1Kr, 2Kr U, 1909 2Kr M/U, 1911 1Kr-5Kr sets M & U, 1914 M/U, 1922-30 sets M/U, 1930-58 North Cape sets M, 1935 Nansen M/U, 1889-1922 Postage Dues to 50o M/U. Plus covers & cards (9). Few flts in earlies, generally G-VF U with a few M. Old Mi STC €7250+ = A$11,900, new catalogue sure to be higher. (900)AVAILABLE at A$700

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Norway: 1856-2012 Collection in Davo album inc 1856-57 King 4S & 8S. 1863-66 Arms to 8S. 1872-75 Posthorn to 6S. 1877-90 Posthorn to 60o. 1909-10 King set plus 1910-18 King set to 5Kr M. 1928 Ibsen set. 1930 Tourist set. 1950-57 King set to 90o. 1958-62 King set to 10Kr. 1960-90 mostly comp inc Def & Commems. All diff. Most G-VF M/U. SG cat £2900+ = A$5200+. (1200)AVAILABLE at A$350

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Portuguese India: 1871-83 Native Type Collection inc 1871-76 Small Figures 15r (2 shades) & 20R, no star at top. 1871-76 Large Figures 10R, 20R, 40R & 100R. 1877-83 star at top inc 1½r, 4½R, 10R, 15R, 20R, 40R, 100R, 200R & 300R. 1881 Surch inc 1½R on 20R, 4½R on 40R, 4½R on 100R, 5 on 10R with & w/o star at top 5 on 15R, 5 on 20R with & w/o star (2 types). All diff. Most G-VF M/U better than typical condition for these. SG cat £1150+=$2000+ & greatly undercatalogued. Very rarely seen area. (26). (P)AVAILABLE at A$500

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Portuguese India: 1877-1903 Classic Collection inc 1877 Crown to 300R. 1880-81 New Colours to 50R. 1881 Surch Crown from 1½ on 5R to 8T on 300T. 1882 Crown New Currency set to 8T, no pearl & to 6R. 1886 Embossed to 8t. 1895-96 Figures to 8t. 1898 Da Gama set to 8t. 1898-1903 Carlos to 2R plus New Colours. All diff. Most G-VF M/UN/U, some mixed condition. SG cat £2350+ = A$4200+ & much under-catalogued. Very rarely offered area! (106). (P)AVAILABLE at A$700

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San Marino: 1877-1970s ex dealer's stock 1877-99 Arms & Numerals to 65c. Noted 30c brown M. 1892 5c opts inc types, & 10c on 20c types. 1903-25 Numeral & Mt Jitano to 2L. Later issues on pgs & in packets inc 1940s-70s Commems plus Airmails. Mostly G-VF M/U. Old Mi STC €2600+ = A$3900+, current catalogue higher. (700+).SOLD at A$150

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Sweden: 1858-2004 Collection in Davo album inc 1877-78 to 50o, 1900 5K GPO, 1936 Tercent, then good range, needs work but a good basis, BoB inc Officials 1874 to 1K & others. Mostly F-VF U. SG cat £1650 = A$3000, plus cost of album about $300. (1900+)AVAILABLE at A$400

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1877 'OFFICIAL' opt Ship 6c brown VFU, cork cancel. SG O9 cat £600. Rare stamp. Exp Their. (P)AVAILABLE at A$400

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France: Revenues collection 1860-1925 on old, large-size Yvert album pgs. Well-filled with a great variety of issues inc Affiches 1871-91 inc 1891 5c-1Fr20. Allumetes 1872 Circular to 1Fr. Chicoree 1917 Liberty Head 100gr-500gr. Pharmaceutical 1918 Liberty to 1Fr80. Connaisements 1872-76 to 2Fr. 1883 Ceres to 2Fr perf & imperf. 1892 Liberty set to 2Fr. Good coverage of 'Copies' inc 1871, 1881 & 1893. 1864 Imperial Arms set to 3Fr, plus Imperf essays. Also1871, 1873 & 1875 issues appear comp. 1881-92 Liberty also appear comp. Commerce 1860 Embossed Eagle set to 10Fr. 1864 Napoleon set to 10Fr. 1872 Star set to 20Fr plus 1874 opts to 20Fr. 1874 Arms set to 10Fr imperf, plus 1877 set to 30Fr & 1879 set to 10Fr. 1880-81 set to 5Fr imperf & 1881 set to 30Fr perf. 1892 Liberty to 25Fr & 1900 to 25Fr. Useful 'Receipts' inc 1892 Liberty set to 2Fr. Timbre Fiscal 1925 Liberty range to 100Fr. Chemin de Fer 1864 Eagle 20c & 1891 Liberty 35c & 70c. Impot 1878 Numerals 4.65Fr. Most diff. Mostly F-VF M/U well above average condition for Revenues. Yv cat €7900+ = A$13,000+. Fantastic collection of very rarely seen material. (740) (P)AVAILABLE at A$2000

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Locals: Liverpool Parcel Delivery Co ca1877 4d black on deep green Frank Stamp, inscr 'Head Office 6 Wood St', black control no.1731, perf 11½. FU, sl thins m/s line cancel. RL 10. Very rare. (P)AVAILABLE at A$70

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1877-79 QV ½d on 1d yellow, variety 'S of POSTAGE' OMITTED, so 'PO TAGE'!, plus also opt shifted up so 'ONE PENNY' old value showing at base & 'NATAL' at top gets obliterated. VF fresh MLH. SG 91e(var) cat £325+++. Very rare combination. (P)AVAILABLE at A$250

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1877-80 Express 6d bright violet, state II, perf 12½, pos 2. VFU, imperf at top from sheet edge. Odenweller A4b. SG 6 cat £700+. Rare genuine. 2006 Odenweller AIEP photo cert. (P)AVAILABLE at A$350

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1877 Washington 3c yellow-orange imperf Plate Essay, on yellowish wove paper, laid wmk. VF UN as made, 4 margins. Sc 184-E5h. (P)AVAILABLE at A$25