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USA - Hawaii 1853-99 classic collection on old leaves. Starts with 1853 King Kamehameha III 5c & 13c on thick paper, 1861 5c on bluish paper, 1868 Reissue & 1869 reprint opt SPECIMEN, 1868 13c reissue (3 inc pr), Then Numerals Inter Island issues UN with 1859 1c blue on bluish (£22,000), 2c blue on greyish (£8000), 1863 1c black on thick paper (£650), 1864 2c black laid paper (£400), 1865 1c blue (£450), 2c blue (£450) & 5c blue on blue (£1100). 1861 Kamehameha IV 2c on horiz laid paper, or vert laid (M&U) plus 1869 engraved reissue (4). 1864-78 heads set with 1c (8M/2U), 2c (3M/2U), 5c, 6c (2M/3U), 18c (5M/1U), 1875 2c (1M/3U) & 12c (1M/5U), 1882 1c blue (4M/2U), 1c green (3M/1U), 2c red (1M/4U), 2c vermilion (3M), 5c blue (1M/3U), 5c indigo (4M/1U), 10c black (2M/4U), 10c red (1M/3U), 10c brown (5U), 12c (1M/5U), 15c (1M/2U), 25c (M&U), 50c (M, SG cat £250) & $1 (2U, £650). 1893 Provisional Govt red opt set with up to 5 of some values inc 2c violet double opt (weak), 1c violet & blue both w/o stop (£500), black opt set with 2 or 3 of most inc 50c & $1 (2 ea, £580), then final Pictorials (2+ sets), Official set. There are no certs, so research is needed but all look optimistic. M/UN unless noted. Pages badly toned in places which often makes the stamps look worse than they are, many need a good wash, some M may actually be UN, but still some nice M throughout eg both $1 opts nice M. SG cat £45,500+ = A$100,000. Untouched in over 70 years & offered totally intact as received. (208) (P)SOLD at A$2200