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Syria: Collection 1919-80 in binder, inc French Occup 1919 T.E.O. opt France to 10Pi & opt French Levant to 8Pi. 1920 O.M.F. opt France to 50Pi plus 25c/1c pr error opt dramatically shifted, 1920 opt Postage Due set to 5Pi. 1920 O.M.F. opt France 1p/5c error value missing, plus 50c/2c, 25c/5c & 3Pi/60c, error opt INVERTED. Also noted plenty gutter prs & marginal singles with sheet no. 1921 OMF opt Damascus issue to 10Pi plus 2Pi, 3Pi, 5Pi & 25Pi error opt INVERTED. Also 3/10p & 2/10p se-tenant pr. 1921 Airmail cover franked POSTE PAR AVION h/s opt 1p on 20c pr, variety space between ""Syr"" & "ie" (only 80 recorded) plus 5p on 1f & 10p on 2f, tied by "HALER" cds. 1923 Syria-Grand Liban opt France to 25Pi. Also 10c/2c strip of 3 plus 2Pi/40c error opt INVERTED. 1921 Aleppo Vilayet Floral opt to 1Pi. 1924 Syria opt France to 25Pi plus Airmail to 10Pi. Also 2Pi/40c blk of 4 error opt INVERTED. 1925 Pictorials to 25Pi, plus 1926 surch to 20Pi. 1929 Exposition opt set plus Air set. 1931 Air to 100Pi. 1945 opt Fiscal to 50Pi. Extras inc M&U, varieties etc. Most F-VF M/MUH/U. SG cat £6000++ = A$10,000++. An excellent collection to start specializing in this most interesting country. (1385). (P)SOLD at A$1500