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Middle East: Jordan 1920 opts (9), 1925 opt Saudi set U plus with inverted opts (4, £280), 1925 opt Palestine to 20Pi M, 1927 Emir inc 100m & 500m U (SG cat £100), Locust opts inc 200m U, 1930 Emir set M plus 200m-£1 U (£285), 1933 Pictorials comp M/U to 500m (£375), 1942 Emir set M, then extensive range (few 1950-53 opts) to 1968 -total SG cat £1300. Lebanon 1920s-70s, plus more Jordan etc -total marked retail $430. Also Egypt old pgs 1866-1960s inc 1866 10p U, range of early Sphinx & Pyramid issues, then range to 1960s (SG cat £250) plus odds from other countries. Mostly F-VF M/U. Total SG cat £1800. (1700)AVAILABLE at A$450

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Australia: The Postal History of the Aust Army During WWII by Collas, 255pgs, pub 1986 RPSV. In depth view inc some illustrations. Near new inc original DJ.AVAILABLE at A$50

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Australia: The Postal History of Internees & Prisoners of War in Australia During World War II, by Collas, 82pgs, pub RPSV 1982. Near new, plus supplementary pages ex P from A 1986.AVAILABLE at A$25

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Australia: The Postal History of Internees & Prisoners of War in Australia During World War II, by Collas, 82pgs, pub RPSV 1982. Near new, plus supplementary pages ex P from A 1986.AVAILABLE at A$25

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Rocket Flights of the World to 1986 by M Kronstein, 191pgs inc illustrations. Sl outer cover wear o/w near new.AVAILABLE at A$40
Cover Collection 1980-93 3 albums with comprehensive FDC range, plus special First Day pmks, Ausipex 84 silk covers, 1986 Papal Visit commem pmks, Commems & Pics inc values to $20 plus booklet paned FDCs & assorted Silk covers. Mostly VF, stated retail $2000. (360+).AVAILABLE at A$120
Asia in thick Lighthouse s/book with PR China inc 1977-83 MUH Pic sets (8, cat £320) inc 1978 Horses, 1980 Paintings & 1980 Peking Opera, then assorted Indonesia, Korea, Singapore & Taiwan Pics/Commems MUH & U. Whole folder with Australia 1960s Pics to 5/- blks of 4 MUH, 1971 Christmas blk of 7, modern decimals to $20 Paintings U & KGV (110) to 5d plus British Commonwealth inc GB 1841 QV 1d imperfs (3), KGV Seahorse 10/- & 1948 KGVI SW £1 (2). Natal 1880s QV £5 Revenue & other Cinderellas. 35 hagners cont NZ & Aust dec Pics. Then 20 s/books with wide range inc Australia pre-dec collection duplicates, plus plenty of decimals G-FU. World Pics, Germany collection inc useful CTO, GB QV-1970s accumulation. USA & others, variable condition. PNG 1985-87 Year Albums (retail $100) plus NZ 1986 PO collection. Finally large shoebox with British Commonwealth & World in packets & bags inc GB QV, United Nations 1950s-60s Pics & assorted mess. 2 medium cartons. (1000s)SOLD at A$250

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Australian Territories collection in older style Seven Seas hingeless pgs with Christmas Is to 1985 inc 1958 QEII set CTO then MUH (FV $70) inc 1968 Fish set (retail $50), Cocos Is to 1986 inc 1963 Pics CTO then MUH 1969 onwards (FV $62). Nauru to end 1986 inc 1916 opt set to 1/-, 1935 KGV SJ & pre-dec Pics to 5/-, all F-VF M, retail $150. Then mostly fresh MUH with 62 Pic/Commem sets to $5. Norfolk Is to end 1986 with pre-decs comp F-VF M (retail $165) inc Ball Bay to 2/- blue, 1953 Pics to 5/- brown bridge & 1960 Defs to 10/- Bird. Then comprehensive decimals mostly fresh MUH inc 1966 opts, 1967 Ships, 1969 Birds & 1974 UPU M/S (retail $55) plus another 70 Pic/Commem sets & 9 M/S (FV $115). PNG to end 1985 with pre-dec basically comp F-VF U inc 1952-57 Pics to £1, 1963 10/- Rabaul, QEII £1 & 1964 Birds to 10/- CTO. Decimals from 1966 (92 Pic sets) mostly MUH inc 1966 Butterflies & 1968 Shells to $2. Total 260 Pic sets & 27 M/S. Pages showing age, stamps generally fresh & clean. (many 100s)SOLD at A$220
Great Britain: Collection in 4 albums & loose. Mostly QEII period to 1980s with good MUH decimal Defs, 1986 Year Album, FV £190 plus some Used inc Machins, also covers 1953-late 80s inc early QEII FDCs. Some tone but largely F-VF. (1850 + 6 M/S)AVAILABLE at A$170

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Major varieties collection: 1960s-2000s, mainly British Cwlth. Plenty better inc Australia Flowers coil 7c missing green & buff (SG cat £80), Botswana 1981 Cattle 30t & 45t imperf prs with shifted printing (retail $100), Belize 1974 Fish 4c imperf. Cook Is 1963 Pictorials proofs to 2/- inc imperf prs & blks (retail $1000+). Falklands (Westpoint) Tiger Woods sheetlet. Malaysia 1976 Butterfly 15c imperf proof blk of 4 (retail $150). Excellent range of Lundy 1982 Bird set to 23p inc imperfs in blks of 6, misperfs, blks of 6 (Labbe cat $1400+, retail $900+). Good selection of West Indies 1986 Duke of York Wedding inc imperf blks ($750), Nevis 1985 Birds set imperf prs. St Vincent 1987 Motor Cent $5 value at right instead of left ($120). Virgin Islands 1985 Bird set imperf prs ($100). St Vincent 1987 QEII 40th Wedding Anniv set, error centres inverted inc blks of 4 ($2900). Tuvalu 1988 Bird set to $5 inc imperf prs & gutter blks of 4 ($900). Zambia 1989 Frog 2.85K & Bat 2.85K both R marginal blks of 4, error double printing & 1988 UNICEF set marginal imperf blks of 4 ($350). Also range of 1997 Diana full sheets inc Bahamas, Caymans, Kiribati, St Kitts, Solomons, Tokelau & Vanuatu ($400). Almost all VF fresh MUH. Total retail $7500+ (770, plus 10 sheets & M/S)AVAILABLE at A$1000
UPU 1987 Conference Folders (14, various) inc Switzerland (FV 100SFr), Germany (74 diff stamp), France (48) inc 50Fr Airmail, Finland 1983 collection, Japan (FV Y3480), Belgium, China, Norway (FV 92Kr), Denmark, Netherlands, Austria 1981 collection plus Germany 1986 collection with 135 stamps & 2 M/Sheets. All fresh & clean. High total FV. (100s)AVAILABLE at A$250
World on 31 stockcards MUH/M/U. Highlights inc Germany 1952 Famous Berliners MUH, Liechtenstein cat £174, 1954 Football set M £92. New Caledonia 1966 top value Birds M £50. French Polynesia 1000F Gauguin MUH £26. French Antarctic 1986 set (2) MUH £96. France 1951 Nat Relief M £78. San Marino selection M £125 inc 100L War Memorial. Netherlands Indies 1892 30c M £80. San Marino M Helicopter M £60. Iceland 1876 2a & 3a U/M cat £58. Guatemala 1897 UPU U £75. Hungary 1949 World Youth Festival M/sheet M cat £50. Moheli 1906 5 Franc MUH £14 & France 1987 1000Fr Air U £34. Generally F-VF, total cat value £2510 = A$4300. Ideal small auction lots, dealer's stock, collection builder. Value lot.AVAILABLE at A$350

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Australiana: Collectibles Price Guide by D Westcott, 1986, 160pgs packed with information, photographs & values. Still very useful as no other similar book exists. Long out of print & very un-common.AVAILABLE at A$30
Military - Great Britain: WWII RAF group of 10 with Bader-The Man & his Men (Burns, 1990). Bomber Crew - Taking on the Reich (Sweetman, 2004). Claims to Fame - The Lancaster A History of the 34 Aircraft that Flew 100+ Missions, (Franks, 1994) Churchill's Few - Battle of Britain Remembered (Willis, 1985). Fight for the Sky - The Story of the Spitfire & Hurricane (Douglas Bader, 1973). Fighter Boys - Saving Britain 1940 (Bishop, 2003. Fly - True Stories from the Airmen of WWII (Veitch, 2008). The Few - Americans Who Fought in the Battle of Britain (Kershaw, 2006). With Wings Like Eagles - A History of the Battle of Britain (Korda, 2009). The Reconstruction of Warriors (Mayhew, 2004). Also Tigers - The Story of No 74 Squadron RAF (Cossey, 1992). Whirlwind - The Air War Against Japan 1942-45 (Tillman, 2009). MIG Pilot (J Barron, 1980), The Story of the Escape & Defection of Lieut Belenko with his MIG-25 from the USSR to USA via Japan. Hell-Fire (Ed Macy, 2009) plus 3 paperbacks inc Bomber Offensive Sir Arthur Harris Marshall of the RAF & The Spitfire 50 Years On (1986). Except for the last 3, all hardcover with dust jacket, mostly VF-near new, retail $500+ (17)AVAILABLE at A$180
Military - Vietnam War USA Point of View (25) inc Vietnam-A History (Karnow 1983), Vietnam-The Ten Thousand Day War (Maclear 1981), American Soldier (General Tommy Franks 2004), A Bright Shining Lie (John Paul Vann) & America in Vietnam (Sheehan 1988), Anatomy of A War (Kolko 1985, Vietnam-Conflict & Controversy (Elliott 1996), Air America from WWII to Vietnam (Robbins 2001), Spies & Commandos-How America Lost the Secret War in North Vietnam (Conboya Andrade 2000), Line Doggie-Foot Soldier in Vietnam (Gadd 1987), Steel My Soldier Hearts (Col. Hackworth 2003), Cheating Death-Combat Rescues in Vietnam & Laos (Marrett 2006), Tiger Force (Sallah & Weiss 2006). Plus others of interest inc 'Coffee Table' size books. Roll Call Thud-A Photographic Record of the F-105 Thunderchief (Campbell & Hill 1996) & The Vietnam Experience - Images of War (Fisher & Stone 1986). Very diverse group inc strong Political overtones. Mostly F-VF condition inc some near new. Retail around $500. (28).AVAILABLE at A$140

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1986 Christmas 36c marginal strip of 5 with colour controls variety 'misplaced perfs 7½mm down' resulting in 4 units with Australia at base instead of top & bottom unit Australia partly printed. SG 1041(var), ACSC 1178bb cat $750. Spectacular. (P)AVAILABLE at A$400

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Railways: 1986 Thirlmere Railway $1.50 Letter Stamp in 2 diff M/Sheets of 4 diff train stamps in uncut sheet of 8 M/S IMPERF. VF fresh MUH. (32 stamps in 8 M/S).AVAILABLE at A$60

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1986 Christmas set 30c, 40c, $1 left marginal IMPERF prs. VF fresh MUH. SG 393-95(var). Scarce as only one sheet existed. (P)AVAILABLE at A$300