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Warsaw Jewish Ghetto in Poland: 1941 Essays for currency notes set 5(gr), 10(gr), 15 (gr), 20(gr), 25(gr) & 50(gr) blue, hand-printed from linoleum cuts, the 1st 4 in shades of blue in various smaller formats, last 2 in large banknote size, 25(gr) in pale ultramarine & weakly printed as usual, 50(gr) in bright ultramarine. All showing Jewish star, plus initials or name of the "Jewish Council in Warszawa" etc, the 50(gr) also with barbed wire fence & flame with "SS" initials. They are believed to have been prepared in the ghetto due to lack of small change, for use in ghetto post office accounting, but not issued as Nazi authorities refused to give permission for their use. All UNC. Cam-4246-51 & listed in "World War II Remembered" #1031-36. Very rare as full set. (6)AVAILABLE at A$1200