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WW2 A GROUP OF 13 SUPERB "Winterhilfswerk (WHW)" WINTER HELP WORK FUND METAL PIN ON ROAD SIGN BADGES. Worn on civilian clothing to show that the wearer had made a contribution to the WHW fund. The WHW ran from 1933-1945 during the months of October through to March and was designed to provide food, clothing, coal and other items to less fortunate Germans during the winter months. Fantastic little group of hand painted metal road signs. Various different signs including a stop sign with "HALT" written in raised detail, train lines with a small image of a steam train to the centre, a round badge with a motorcyclist to the centre a round badge with a motorcyclist to the centre, an arrow shaped sign with "Einbahnstrasse" (One way street) a "P" for parking sign and a sign with a "P" with a red line through it for no parking! All have a retaining pin to the reverse. Mounted on a material covered card approx 22cm by 9cm. Material has some soiling and stains. Badges have been given a protective coating of lacquer or the like. Great little display set of one of the more impressive issues of "WHW" badges. Grade II-
 SOLD at A$85