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Great Britain: ARMY WWI MILLS WEB WAIST BELT. This is not an equipment belt but was designed by the Mills company to be worn as a waist belt. It could be worn by soldiers when walking out, so the soldier was not required to pull apart the complete set of pattern 1908 web equipment to merely wear the 3" wide belt. This narrow belt has a similar appearance to the shoulder straps of the pattern 1908 web equipment. Although the edges of the belt are beaded. The buckle is the same as the 2" brass buckles from the shoulder straps, and is attached to the belt by passing through the central pillar of the buckle and sewing the end of the belt back to itself. The other end of the belt has a metal end and a sliding brass loop. On this end there is a strip of light canvas or web. This piece of material is about 9 inches long and 1/2" wide. It is sewn to the belt at both ends, it runs in the centre, inside part of the belt and keeps the brass loop from sliding off the belt but allows it to slide up and down the belt for that distance. This brass loop is merely to help secure the trailing end of the belt after it has gone through the buckle. This belt could be worn under the tunic to help hold the trousers or breeches, although no belt loops were on the issue breaches. Rare item. Grade II-