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Germany: WW2 M-1924 STICK GRENADE. Rare opportunity to purchase an example, as they are not permitted to be imported by Australian Customs anymore. Ground dug from Russia. All original components. Hardwood handle with aluminium cap to the base, complete with aluminium screw cap that was removed prior to activating the grenade. Split in the wood that runs the entire length of the handle. No discernable markings to the handle. C/w ceramic ball that would have been attached to a pull-cord (for activation). Steel cap to the other end of the handle for attaching the explosive filled head. Head is in relic condition and has significant rust. There is an approx. 50mm long 10mm wide hole to the side of the head, courtesy of Australian Customs (when even clearly inert vintage ordinance was either sectionalised or had large sections removed). Still displays well. One of the iconic weapons of WW2 and instantly recognisable even to those who do not collect militaria. Totally inert. Grade III
 SOLD at A$575