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Germany: WW2 LARGE GROUP OF AWARD DOCUMENTS AND ASSOCIATED EPHEMERA TO AN ARMY OFFICER AND FAMILY. Group of 6 award documents, 13 other associated documents, 7 letters and a death notice from a newspaper. All to Oberleutnant Andreas Fuchs and family. The first document dated 2nd November 1939 and issued in the field. Signed by a LT. Colonel, promoting Fuchs to Sergeant. This document approx. A4 size has been folded in half and has numerous tears to the edges and two hole punches. Next document issued on 20/03/40 and signed by a Colonel. Is for the West Wall medal. A5 size. Fuchs was then awarded the Iron Cross 2nd Class on 20/10/40. This document in A5 size and signed by a Major General. Fold to centre. The next award is for an Iron Cross 1st Class, 4/01/42, signed by a Lieutenant General. A5 size with a crease to the middle. The last document to Fuchs, now an Oberleutnant, is his official death certificate/document. A4 size with an impressive gilt eagle and swastika. And in German "True to his pledge died in the struggle for freedom of the united Germany". Dated 26th October 1944. This document signed by a Lieutenant General. Also included is an A4 size award document to Fuchs's father Hans (an accounts inspector) for the 25 year service medal. All the other award documents except for the first promotion one are in very good condition. The many letters and other documents including several from the Red Cross and various official Third Reich and post war government (many to his widow) would make a good collection project for further translating. A substantial document group. Grade II-.