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Germany: WW2 An interesting group of documents relating to a German soldier, Wilhelm Hanz, attached to a railway pioneer regiment, covering the period from 16/03/1934 to the 16/06/1945. The fist two A4 sized documents are associated with his enlistment in 1934, to the "6 (Preuss) pionier battalion)" (6 Prussian Pioneer Battalion). Another A4 sized instruction sheet, possibly from the same period, his "Militar-Fuhrerschein" (Military Motor Driver's Licence) dated 25/05/1935, to "Wilhelm Hanz Gefreiter, 3.(Mot.) Komp. Pionier-Batl. Minden" with a B/W I.D. photo of him in uniform. His 24 hour leave pass card from the same period. An A4 sized army promotion document from Unter Offizier to Feldwebel, dated 30/03/1938. A printed Wehrmacht eagle/ swastika to the top of the document. His army A4 sized 4 years long service document with a stylised printed eagle/ swastika to it, dated 05/04/1938. His soldbuch with entries from the 21/08/1939 to the 01/04/1945 and has a B/W I.D. photo of him in uniform. An award document for the West Wall Medal, dated 25/03/1940. Three circular cardboard targets shooting awards with coloured borders and an eagle/ swastika to the top of each one, all with 1940 dates, his rank, name and pioneer battalion. The "Ostmedaille" (Russian front) award document dated 08/08/1942. The award document for the war merit cross with swords 2nd class, facsimile of the cross to the top of this document, dated 20/12/1942. Two A4 sized railway pioneer school course, examination certificates for his qualification as a foreman both dated 14/12/1944. The previous ten documents/awards all have ink eagle/swastika stamps. The final document is his discharge certificate, issued in the English zone on the 16/06/1945. A very hard to find lot. Grade II-