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Australia: WW2 PROPAGANDA LEAFLET. Humorous Australian single sided leaflet advertising 'Selling the Siegfried line'. Interesting piece of WW2 Australian memorabilia being a mock certificate 'signed' by Hitler and Goebbels selling a section of the infamous Siegfried line. 1940 dated. States that the line will be for sale at one-shilling per foot (all eighty odd miles). Headed by the 'Patriotic fund of Queensland' this certificate is printed in the red, black and grey ink and is slightly larger than A-4 paper size. Has a separate tear off section to the lower that was returned by the 'vendor' to the QLD patriotic fund, City Hall, Brisbane. Each certificate has an individual number and a lot number, this one is cert. number 18264, lot number 62. Some age related yellowing to the paper, as to be expected of a 70+ year old item. The tear off section to the lower is coming away at the perforations. Has twin hole punches to the left hand side. Would certainly be worthy of framing. A novel approach to raising money for the war effort also. Illustrates the typical 'Aussie' spirit and of humour during even some of the worst events in our history. Grade II-
 SOLD at A$25