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Ca1897-1910 CUSTOMS OFFICIAL PICKLEHAUBE. Black lacquered leather scull in very nice condition, retaining it's distinctive shape and highly polished sheen. Gilded brass metal fittings. Front black leather visor with gilt metal trim. Cruciform spike base. Handsome, approx. 93mm tall fluted spike, with ball to the apex. Large imposing gilded Prussian helmet plate consisting of Imperial Eagle clutching a sceptre in each set of talons. A separately applied w/m voided Kaiser Wilhelm crowned cipher is affixed to the centre fo the eagle breast. The helmet's gilt metal chin scales are of the flat pattern. Prussian state cockade to the left hand side, tricolour national cockade to the right. Underside of the leather front and rear visors are a chocolate brown colour. 15 tongue black leather liner in good condition, with the leather remaining supple. Drawstring has been replaced with a shoelace. At some stage a previous owner has given the helmet a coat of lacquer overall to protect it. This does not detract from display. A fine example for the discerning collector of fine headgear. Grade II (P)
1914-18 M16 STEEL COMBAT HELMET. Painted outer has taken on a dark brown-green tone. This combined with some light surface rust and something having been spilt on the outer shell, gives the helmet an almost camouflage appearance. No major dints or damage. Missing the front right hand side split pin for securing the liner. Much of the inner green painted finish remains also with some minor surface rust. Maker and size stamped 'BF64' to the left hand inner flare. Metal liner band with the 3 separate leather sections present, but only one still fully attached to the liner band. One has completely torn away and is connected by a thin piece of blue material only. The other is partially torn away. All 3 still have their small pad of horse hair or other material intact. Chinstrap lugs present but no chinstrap. A good solid example of a WW1 German combat for display. Grade II- (P)
1939-45 ARMY INFANTRY OR'S "EREL SONDERKLASSE" PRIVATE PURCHASE VISOR CAP. Field grey tricot with a dark green felt cap band and white piping. Leichtmetall (Aluminium alloy) national emblem, cockade and wreath. Black leather chinstrap. Black vulcan fibre visor with a tan coloured underside. The interior has a dark brown leather sweatband with the "EREL" logo and pale green rayon lining with a celluloid sweat diamond. Maker marked "EREL SONDERKLASSE PRIVET". A few scrap marks to the exterior of the visor and service or insect damage to the tricot at the exterior rear of the cap, above and below the white piping o/w a nicely shaped visor cap that still displays well from the front. Grade II- (P)
1939-45 ARMY ARTILLERY EM'S M34 CAP. Field grey woollen construction with normal two piece machine-woven insignia and a soutache with branch colour for artillery. Greyish- brown cotton lining with size '58' ink stamp, also written in ink, to the lining is 'Von Wilhelmi 17647' with a small swastika. Light soiling to the interior lining. Clean exterior with no moth damage. A choice example. Grade II
1939-45 M35 GERMAN HELMET. Originally a German Wehrmacht M35 helmet, this example was put to use by Norway after the capitulation of the German forces in May 1945. Outer re-painted a khaki colour with Norwegian crowned lion decals to either side. At some stage, someone has attempted to remove some of the decals in an apparent attempt to see if there were any original German decals still visible. Subsequently there is damage to both the Norwegian decals. Inner painted the same khaki colour as the outer shell. Original liner and chinstrap replaced with a later Norwegian example, similar in appearance to the German ones Left hand inner flare stamped for maker and size "Q64", "Q" representing the renown maker "Quist". A helmet that suits a number of different applications from the re-enactor to the German helmet variant collector. Grade II- (P)
1939-45 ARMY M35 DOUBLE DECAL HELMET. Early army parade helmet, which more than likely saw combat use given its o/a condition. Apple-green painted finish with the usual dome wear and chipping. The eagle decal has taken on a nice hue, is near 90% condition with some light damage to the black surrounding area and a light scuff to the eagle's wing. This has exposed the silver under the gold patina. The tri- colour decal shows some chips and nicks, but still rates at approx 80%. Inner retains much of the apple-green finish with some light surface rust, mostly to the dome. Shell is stamped for maker and size "ET62" to the left hand underside of the falre. Batch number of "4460" to the rear flare. Leather liner shows heavy sweat staining. One of the leather tongues has broken off and there is some clear evidence of o/a wear. Original chinstrap, which is now quite dry and could do with some leather conditioner. A nice solid example of a double decal M35 helmet at a very reasonable price. Grade II- (P)
1939-45 M40 STEEL COMBAT HELMET WITH WINTER WHITEWASH CAMMO & BATTLE DAMAGE. An interesting example of a German combat helmet that has definitely seen some action. Standard issue M40 helmet with the outer shell retaining a considerable amount of white winter cammo. Outer has numerous scratches & abrasions & the original dark green paint is visible in many areas. Outline of the single decal to the left hand side clearly visible but has not been uncovered. One large dent (approx 30mm in diameter) to the front section of the helmet and 2 small holes approx 5mm in diameter and 30mm apart to the rear upper shell. Holes possibly made by projectiles or shrapnel. Inner shell has the remains of original green paint, now faded. Some surface rust. Partly obscured maker and size marking to left hand inner flare. Possibly SE64? Leather liner dry and soiled. No drawstring or chinstrap. An interesting piece sure to attract attention. Great item for a display of WW2 combat items. Grade III- (P)
1939-45 M40 STEEL COMBAT HELMET WITH SPRING OR MEDITERRANEAN PATTERN CAMOUFLAGE. Shell only with liner band (no liner) and remains of chinstrap. Great looking shell with a multicolour rough texture camouflage. Paint is predominantly tan/brown with green and a small portion of red. Retains much of the finish with wear in all the expected places such as the top of helmet and around the outer rim. Little visible rust. The three split rivets retain some of the original camo paint also. Inner rim has some rust to the dark green painted finish. Maker and size to the left hand inner flare 'ET66'. Batch number to the rear inner flare of '3816'. A name 'F.Feller' is hand written to the rear inner flare and appears to be period done. Surface rust to much of the inner dome. W/m liner band still present as is the w/m band from the liner. Most of the leather chinstrap including the w/m buckle is present, but exceptionally fragile. Regardless of the condition of the inner, this helmet shell displays very well on a mannequin head. Grade II- (P)
1939-45 KRIEGSMARINE EM'S BORDMUTZE (SIDECAP). Mid-war issue. Quality French made cap. Very little loss of nape to dark blue wool material. Machine woven insignia consisting of separate yellow coloured eagle and Swastika over the national cockade. Cotton dark blue material lining. Light coloured ink stamp of a French maker (hard to read). Also stamped '57' for size. An excellent example for display. Grade II (P)
1939-45 LUFTWAFFE OR'S WHITE TOP VISOR CAP. Black mohair cap band with red piping for Flack Artillery. A few moth nips to the top piping, but does not detract. Leichtmetal 2nd pattern national emblem and oak wreath. The white top has some light age spotting/marks, mainly to it's top. Black leather chinstrap. Black Vulcanfibre visor with a lacquered finish, the lacquer is now lightly crazed. The visor has a green reverse. Tan coloured leather sweatband which shows service use. White rayon lining with a celluloid sweat diamond which is marked 'Sondertyp Elegant'. A nicely shaped visor cap. Grade II-
1939-45 LUFTWAFFE MACHANICS/GROUND CREW HBT SIDE CAP. Originally black HBT, the outer now shows considerable fading from wear, or possibly display. Correct EM's eagle and swastika insignia, looks to be period applied. Couple of very minor moth nips or small holes that do not detract from display. Inner retains much more of the original black colour. No visible size or maker markings. These caps are now difficult to obtain. Grade II-
1939-45 LUFTWAFFE OFFICER'S SIDE CAP. Later war example. Made from quality heavy-duty blue-grey tricot wool. Material shows little loss of the nape from wear. A few small moth nips to the outer crown, which are hardly visible when the cap is displayed. EM's insignia (not uncommon to see on war time officer's caps). Insignia appears to be original to the cap. Aluminium silver bullion piping is in good condition, retaining some of the original lustre. Inner lined with a plain dark blue-grey cotton material, showing moderate sweat staining. Hard written name 'Paulus' written in ink. Ink size stamp just visible. O/a a good solid Luftwaffe officer's side cap that displays very well. Grade II
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