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Japan: EARLY 1900s/WW1 ARMY COMPANY OFFICER'S KYU-GUNTO. White same (rayskin) grip with gilt - wire binding, both still in VGC. Gilt - finished brass hilt with a long, thin knuckle bow and a small pierced, obverse guard with sakura (cherry blossom) designs. There is a decorative sword retention stud to the reverse of the fuchi (ferrule). The upper blackstrap engraved with sakura and leaves designs. Wear to the gilt finish and a slight inward facing bend to the upper section of the knockabout. The hilt is 20cms in length and held in place by a mekugi (removeable wooden/ bamboo peg). Brass habaki (blade collar). Very sharp, slightly curved, single fullered blade which has been re-chromed. Blade length including habaki, 74cms. Steel scabbard, also re-chromed and with a few minor dents to it's lower section. Single suspension mount. Licence required in Victoria. Grade II- (P)
Japan:WW2 1945 PATTERN ARMY NCO'S SHIN-GUNTO SWORD. Two piece chequered natural finished wooden grips with a blackened steel kabuto-gane (pommel), fuchi (hilt collar) and circular tsuba (guard). Brass habaki. Bright blade numbered "205309" which has a couple of minor dings to its edge and two areas of very light pitting to both of its sides toward the grip end. Original olive green paint to the steel scabbard, now with areas of wear. The scabbard throat has a protruding lug for the retention clip and is stamped '205309', missing its side screw. Single suspension band with hanging ring. A nice original example. Grade II-.
WW2 ARMY OFFICER'S PARADE SABRE. Black horn grip with brass wire binding. Brass hilt with a think knuckle bow and a small pierced, obverse guard with sakura (cherry blossom) designs. The top of the blackstrap has an engraved sakura and leaves design. Chromium plated, single fullered blade. The scabbard (possibly re-chromed) has a couple of dents and some small rust holes along the lower rear seam. Single suspension mount. Blade length is 69cm, o/a is 83cms. Licence required in Victoria. Grade II- (P)
Japan:WW2 ARMY NCO'S SHIN-GUNTO. Cast aluminium hilt with a brass sarute (sword knot loop) and a copper fuchi (ferrule) with arsenal markings. The original painted finish on the hilt has been removed and the hilt now has a polished aluminium appearance. Brass, pierced, aoi shaped tsuba (guard) with provision for the sword retention spring clip which is in the normal, frontal position. A brass seppa (washer) to either side of the tsuba. Brass habaki (blade collar). Single fullered blade showing light pitting, a little heavier towards the tip. The blade has been cleaned. Sharp cutting edge. The blade is marked with accountability number '75140' and has a matching number on the saya (scabbard) throat. Black painted scabbard with light surface pitting. Single ashi (suspension mount). Blade length including habaki is 70cms. O/a length is 92.5cms Licence required in Victoria. Grade II- (P)
 SOLD at A$550
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