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1c, 2c, 5c, 10c, 20c, 50c 1966 to 82 Collection comp UNC in 3 Dansco Supreme (see both sides) albums (retail $65 ea). McD cat $1038 plus albums $195=$1233. (88 coins, 3 albums).AVAILABLE at A$375

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Ceylon: 1938-1992 all diff selection including date varieties. Noted 1 Rupee 10-11-1938, 10c 1-2-1942, 25c 1-2-1942, 10 Rupees 12-6-1964. 10, 20, 100 Rupees 1-7-1992. F to UNC odd fault. P-16c, 43a, 44a, 64, 72Aa, 73Aa, 74Ac, 83a, 91a, 92a, 102b, 103b, 105c. (13)SOLD at A$120

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India: 10, 20, 50, 100 Rupees 2014, 500 Rupees 2013 1000 Rupees 2011. P-102, 103, 104, 105, 106, 107a. UNC. (6).NO LONGER AVAILABLE

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Mexico: 1734MF Philip V Pillar 8 Reales. KM-103. Bit weakly struck at 12 o'clock, gVF. (P)AVAILABLE at A$250

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Netherlands-Utrecht: 1750 Gold 7 Gulden. Armoured knight on horse above shield rev Crowned arms. EF. KM-103 (P)SOLD at A$700
1999 1oz Kookaburra Silver Honor Mark Collection Salute to the US Quarter Program. Ea folder has a Kookaburra with respective State privy & US 25c. Inc Connecticut, Delaware, Georgia, New Jersey, Pennsylvania. All with matching serial no 103. (5).SOLD at A$160

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Ghaznavids: AH388-421, 998-1030AD Mahmud Abu'l-Qasim bin Sebuktekin AV Dinar, 4.3g. Nishapur mint, AH398. Crude VF. Album 1606. (P)SOLD at A$200

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Ghaznavids: AH421-432, 1031-1041AD Shihab al-Dawla Abu Sa'id Mas'ud I AV Dinar, 3.28g. Herat mint, AH42X. Crude style aEF. Album 1619. (P)AVAILABLE at A$250

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Great Seljuq: 1038-1063AD Tughril Beg AV Dinar, 3.5g Nishapur AH449. Weakly struck in parts as usual aEF. A-1665. (P)AVAILABLE at A$220

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1016-35 Cnut 1d short cross type ca 1029-1035/6. Lincoln moneyer SPEARTINC ON LII. gVF. S-1159. (P)NO LONGER AVAILABLE

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1035-42 Harthacnut 1d Danish type struck c1040-42. Lund mint, moneyer Toci. Helmeted & armoured bust left, rev Voided long cross, pellet at centre & curved globule in 2nd & 3rd quarters. S-1170. Choice EF. Rare (P)NO LONGER AVAILABLE

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BE2517 (1974) Rama WWF 50, 100 Baht Wildlife Conservation. Sumatran Rhino & Brown Antlered Deer. Y-102, 103 Choice Proof (2). (P)SOLD at A$600

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2000 Yen ND (2000) G-8 Economic Summit in Okinawa replacement note Z562872Z. P-103a. MWR cat U$225. UNC.AVAILABLE at A$100

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2000 Yen ND (2000) G-8 Economic Summit in Okinawa 1st prefix A166355A. UNC. P-103a.SOLD at A$60