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Badge: 1939-45 Mother's & Widows badge with bar & 1 x star by Angus & Coote, 1942. Serial/issue no. 'A10609'. Brooch pin rev. Unresearched. EF. ScarceAVAILABLE at A$200
Great Britain: 1797 George III Cartwheel 2d VF, 1900 QV Old head 5/- aVF. Souvenir folder with reproduction coins of Edward the Confessor 1002-1066AD, Harrold 1022-1066 & William the Conqueror 1027-1087. £5 Gill Series D last prefix SE90 & series E first prefix A01 in limited edition Bank of England leather-bound portfolio.SOLD at A$180

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Fiji: $2, $5, $10, $20, $50 QEII ND (2002). P-104a, 105b, 106a, 107a, 108a. UNC. (5)NO LONGER AVAILABLE

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Fiji: $10 QEII ND (2002) consec run of 3. $50 QEII ND (2007) consec run of 3 UNC. P-106a, 113a cat US$232 = A$322. (6).SOLD at A$100

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India: 10, 20, 50, 100 Rupees 2014, 500 Rupees 2013 1000 Rupees 2011. P-102, 103, 104, 105, 106, 107a. UNC. (6).NO LONGER AVAILABLE
Philippine Emergency Currency: Bohol 25 Centavos (3), 50 Pesos (5), Cebu 5 Pesos 1941 (7). Cagayan Peso 1942 (3). Iloilo 20 Pesos 1942 (7), Peso 1944 (2), 2 Peso 1944 (3), Negros 1941 10 Pesos (3), 1942 5 Centavos (4), 20 Centavos, Peso (6), 2 Pesos (7), 5 Pesos (12). 1943 10 Pesos (11). 1944 Peso (4), 5 Pesos (2), 10 Pesos (2), 20 Pesos (4). Japanese Invasion Money: Burma (5), Malaya (19), Netherlands Indies (21), Philippines (106). Plus 3 souvenir packs of JIM. Poor-UNC. (Lot)SOLD at A$130

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Germany-Brandenburg-Ansbach: 1620 Joachim Ernst Thaler Large facing bust dividing date rev Oval arms KM-11, Dav-6227. Small obv marks gVF. Western Australian Museum Certificate no 10654 & permit to sell. This state unlisted in Doits To Ducatons, unique from this wreck. Very rare.SOLD at A$2200

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Germany-Brunswick-Luneburg-Celle: 1624 Christian Thaler. Bust right rev Helmeted arms. KM-9.17, Dav 6456. VF Rare. West Australian Museum Certificate no.10662 with sale permit.NO LONGER AVAILABLE

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Germany-Cologne: 16(?) date eroded c1620 Thaler Arms supported by a lion & griffin rev Crowned double eagle with orb on breast, titles of Ferdinand II. F, seawater corr. KM-325, Dav-5163/6 cat VG. US$1150+ for non-wreck coin. Western Australian Museum Certificate no 10679 & permit to sell. This city only represented by 1 coin from this wreck. Very rare..NO LONGER AVAILABLE

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Mexico: 1784Mo FM Charles III 8 Reales. KM-106.2 Slabbed PCGS AU58. (P)SOLD at A$300

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Day & Melville, Dunedin, New Zealand 1857 1d. EF. A-98, R-106. (P)AVAILABLE at A$275

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$1 Coombs-Wilson Star ZAE 01061*. LCF-UNC. R-71s cat aU $3700. (P)SOLD at A$1000

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Mining: The Glen-Alice Coal & Shale Mining Co, Capertee NSW 1895. Butlers Tin Mines NL, Torrington NSW 1914. The Caloola Gold Mining Co Ltd, Sydney NSW 1917. Coronet Hill Development Co NL, Mt Davis NT 1917. Coobra Gold Mining Co NL, Sydney NSW 1921, Marshall-Longton Luckow Gold Mining Co NL, Lucknow NSW 1925, Y-Water (Emmaville) Tin Co NL, Emmaville NSW 1929, Broken Hill South Silver Mining Co NL $20 certificates dated between 1906-09. Plus Chaffey Bros Ltd, Melbourne 100 £10 shares Nos 12106-12205 fully paid 31 Oct 1894. aVF-EF. (28)SOLD at A$250

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Amirid of Valencia: AH452-457, AD1060-1065 Abd al-Malik al-Muzaffar Pale AV Fractional Dinar, 1.3g. No mint, no date. VF. Album 377. (P)AVAILABLE at A$200

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Great Seljuq: 1038-1063AD Tughril Beg AV Dinar, 3.5g Nishapur AH449. Weakly struck in parts as usual aEF. A-1665. (P)AVAILABLE at A$220

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El Cazador: Mexico 1781FF Charles III 8 Reales. KM-106.2 recovered from the wreck of the El Cazador which sank off the Golf of Mexico in 1784. In a descriptive holder with certificate of Authenticity. Plus an 8 Reales from an unknown shipwreck, the obv corroded away with seawater only partial mint marks visible on rev. (P)AVAILABLE at A$200

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$10 1937 KGVI Portrait P-60c VF, $50 1988 Small 'F' in prefix, $5, $10 2013. P-98a, 106b, 107a UNC. The $50 Scarce. Retail $320+ (4).SOLD at A$140

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$5 QEII ND (1974) sig Barnes & Craik aU. P-73a cat UNC US $800 = A$1060.NO LONGER AVAILABLE

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$2, $5, $10, $20, $50 QEII ND (2002). P-104a, 105b, 106a, 107a, 108a. UNC. (5)NO LONGER AVAILABLE

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Romanus IV 1068-1071AD AV Histamenon nomisma (scyphate) (4.4g) Constantinople Christ standing facing crowning Romanus & Eudocia rev Michael in centre, Constantius on left & Andronicus on right facing. EF. S-1860. (P)SOLD at A$800

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Romanus IV 1068-1071AD AV Histamenon nomisma (scyphate) (4.3g) Constantinople. Christ standing facing crowning Romanus & Eudocia rev Michael in centre, Constantius on left & Andronicus on right facing. aVF/VF. S-1861. (P)NO LONGER AVAILABLE

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1925 Visit to South America medals: Argentina, The British Society in the Argentine Republic cupro-nickel, 31mm. Head left, rev inscription. AE gilt 30mmx35mm. Head right, rev Royal arms with arms of Argentina. AE 51mm. Chile, lion with crest & motto above, rev hovering condor. AE 28mm. 1931 Visit to Buenos Aires. Bust facing, rev inscription. EF-aU. Gio-CM106a, CM106.2, CM107a, CM108a, CM131 cat U$350-$500. (5) (P)AVAILABLE at A$200