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1920 Royal Visit to Australia 4 diff designs inc 1 w/o signature (10). Gawler, Geelong, Queensland (4), Tasmania (4). Bronze, brass, bronze gilt, silvered, silver, WM 18mm-27mm. Mostly by Amors & Stokes. All diff mostly gVF-EF, some better. Gio-CM46.2 (2), CM47b, CM48a, b, CM50b (2), c (2), d, CM54, CM55a, CM49a, CM56a (2), c, 57 (3 var) cat U$600-1075. Plus 2 diff Royal Visit enamel badges. Scarce & rare. (19)SOLD at A$400

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1923 Royal Visit to Colwyn Bay medal, rare. 1924 British Empire Exhibition, Colonel of the Welsh Guards, rare. 1925 Visit to William's Town. 1927 Visit to Keswick, very rare. 1928 British Empire Union, rare. 1930 Railway Centenary (2). 1932 Visit to Northern Island. 1936 Daily Dispatch Birthday Club (2). Plaster Corporation 22-33mm in bronze, silvered, gilt, alum, silver, gilt bronze, nickel plated bronze. Wall plaque by Fuller & Co. 1920 Silver & gold fob engraved 'J Phillips for Boxing Presented by HRH Prince of Wales' hallmarked. Gio-CM75b, CM83a,b (gilt), CM89, CM95a, CM119, CM123b, CM127a,b, CM135b, CM176a,b, CM211.1 cat U$770-$1175 (A$1075-$1650) plus 1 unlisted & another rated RARE. (14) (P)AVAILABLE at A$450